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Lake: Echo Lake

Echo Lake Info

Post By: not too old to fish      Posted: 7/2/2020 9:55:40 PM     Points: 7391    
I talked with Denver Mountain parks today about Echo lake and the falling lake level. They are aware of the problem and are currently working with CSU to find out what is happening. One of the problems is budget money like most government offices they are trying to find money to fund the study. There are a couple of things they are trying to do now that are less costly that might help solve the mystery of the missing water. Any one on here who is a hydrologist that might want to help, let me know and I will give you the contact at DMP.
 Reply by: Banzai Jimmy      Posted: 7/3/2020 6:39:53 PM     Points: 10243
I was thinking about heading up there to spend some time picking up the trash which is now exposed due to the low water.

I bet there well over a hundred salmon egg jars laying around the south and west exposed bottom. It's disgusting.

I picked up some things here and there the day I checked the fishing, but wasn't prepared to pick up everything showing.
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