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I went for a new fly line aaaaaaaand....

Post By: Bubba02STi      Posted: 6/28/2020 5:55:28 PM     Points: 515    
So I finally got around to getting to a new fly line for my for my EDF rod. Well. I ended up with a new reel as well. Picked up a sage spectrum and will be handing down the orvis to my son to upgrade his. I just wish they had more colors for backing other than chartreuse and white. Oh well. One more reason why itís not a good idea for me to be left unsupervised.
 Reply by: malty falcon      Posted: Jun. 28, 7:36:18 PM     Points: 6753    
I love the bright colors for backing. Whenever I'm into the backing, exciting stuff is happening, and I want to know where everything is! I only wish it happened more often!
 Reply by: Bubba02STi      Posted: Jun. 28, 8:48:15 PM     Points: 515    
I had to go play with my new toy.

Same here. I just prefer it to offset the line color. This line is green and tan so it kinda blends together. Luckily though the green is at the end of the line. But I tís more of an aesthetics thing for me.
 Reply by: i2fly      Posted: Jun. 29, 8:14:45 AM     Points: 1887    
Check out Maxicatch or Geek for fly line backing . Several colors offered. Cheep too.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Jun. 29, 11:13:04 AM     Points: 7473    
Back in the day,we never went to the grocery store after smoking some pot. I also never go grocery shopping when I'm hungry . . .keeps them impulse buys from happing.
Glad to hear that the son will profit from this.
 Reply by: DaveBuech      Posted: Jun. 29, 5:15:53 PM     Points: 0    
What fly line did you get?
 Reply by: Bubba02STi      Posted: Jun. 29, 6:59:19 PM     Points: 515    

I usually just order it off of amazon but that website already looks cheaper. I'll look into them. Thank you

Should probably add "don't go to a fishy store after golfing" to that mix.


Rio Grand 5wt.