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Lake: Island Lake (Grand Mesa)

First time to Grand Mesa

Post By: smallwood0507      Posted: 6/20/2020 7:35:05 PM     Points: 32    
Hello - i'm visiting the in-laws in GJ next week and we're going to visit their family cabin near Baron lake. Wanted to see if you all had any suggestions on the best lake to catch bows in the area. Looks like Eggleston is recovering from a draw down for work in 2016. Baron, Island and Alexander appear to have been stocked recently. From reading this board it appears Island lake is one of the more popular ones, but thus has high fishing pressure. Any recommendations would be appreciated! We will be fishing out of kayaks and they have 4wheelers, if that's relevant.

 Reply by: Digginjiggin      Posted: Jun. 21, 7:40:38 AM     Points: 318    
Island lake is a good choice because it has a lot of stocker bows and never winter kills. You also have splake and small brook trout. Cottonwood #1 is also a good choice, as is CW # 4 that has some tiger trout. Lots of good possibilities, they have a guide to fishing Grand Mesa at the Visitors Center or on-line that gives directions to each lake and species.
The best thing about fishing GM from a kayak is that you can fish the shelves and drops with submerged boulders. Bonus is that you leave all the skeeters on the bank!
 Reply by: Team CO.F.F.      Posted: Jun. 21, 6:37:18 PM     Points: 57    

Leaving the Skeeters on the bank is a really big plus up there too lol.
 Reply by: smallwood0507      Posted: Jun. 21, 9:10:51 PM     Points: 32    
Appreciate the tips Digginjiggin. Our crew will be pretty green so Island Lake seems like the best bet. Definitely agree on the skeeters, fished Spinney today from the float tube and was happy to escape the shore bugs. Big one of the day was a 24" Cuttbow that had me spinning in circles.

Tight lines,