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Lake: Cherry Creek Reservoir

keeper fish

Post By: cappyman      Posted: 6/16/2020 2:01:57 AM     Points: 2361    
some don't like people that keep legal size fish.we don't all share the same values on fishing. but the thing is if we bye a fishing linences, we can keep walleye if there legal size.i think its up to the fisherman. I like a good walleye dinner and I WILL KEEP MY LEGAL WALLEYES EVERY TIME FOR DINNER.
 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: Jun. 16, 5:08:50 AM     Points: 56999    
Thanks for letting us all know how you feel on this matter!
 Reply by: cookster      Posted: Jun. 16, 7:13:39 AM     Points: 63887    
Most people love a walleye dinner but cherry creek has been slammed by fishermen this spring like iv never seen before. Without stocking this year itís going to put a hurting on the fishery. I havenít seen anyone saying donít keep fish, just be aware of what keeping every legal fish you catch is doing to the fishery that many of us have enjoyed for many years. I keep and eat fish also but I also respect fisheries. To each his own but when itís gone itís gone and could takes years to recover if it does. JMO
 Reply by: richw88      Posted: Jun. 16, 7:46:10 AM     Points: 18    
Nice you finally found that pesky Caps Key. :)
 Reply by: fom      Posted: Jun. 16, 8:31:01 AM     Points: 6154    
Yes it is your right to keep a legal limit, but if you already have a dozen walleye in your freezer , well there you go, with the pressure Creek receives and every one keeping a limit every time out will ruin this fishery. It is good to keep a limit once in a while just not every day .I keep a limit on occasion and I appreciate your opinion on this subject ,My lake update is only to try and assure that there will continue to be opportunity for you to keep a limit of legal eyes . Cappyman if I have offended you I apologize, but when there are no longer any legals to keep it will take years to recover!

 Reply by: jdavis      Posted: Jun. 16, 9:37:33 AM     Points: 118    
You guys are getting keepers?! (Visible confusion)
 Reply by: GrabBass      Posted: Jun. 16, 10:27:36 AM     Points: 238    
I do think it is important to note here all of the brood lakes Chatfield, Cherry Creek, and Pueblo are getting their normal stockings this year. It is other fisheries across the state that are not being stocked this year. This is not taking sides just simply pointing out this fact that it seems not many are aware of.
 Reply by: Ajax5240      Posted: Jun. 16, 10:30:50 AM     Points: 30256    
You should probably start protesting and rioting...

Be sure to make your sign in all caps too.
 Reply by: cappyman      Posted: Jun. 16, 1:40:45 PM     Points: 2361    
what you crybaby's should be barking about is the under sized fish being kept.i am on other fish site where pll post pics of fish all the time . I see lots of pics of small walleyes under size bass from cc . but you want to call out pll for keeping legal fish.the creek has seen tuff times befor and does fine, maybe you guys that are doing all the crying should check your own freezers.
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: Jun. 16, 1:50:45 PM     Points: 59330    
^^^ you're the only one fussing. Your initial post is inaccurate. I've never once seen anyone on this forum complain about people keeping walleye, crappie or white bass..... Now when someone posts a true trophy... yes many would prefer they be returned.

As you point out.. people on another site post undersize fish. You do that here and I promise a maelstrom.

FYI.. once you start name calling... you're wrong.
 Reply by: GoNe_FiShIn_11      Posted: Jun. 16, 2:15:03 PM     Points: 12723    
Be careful what you wish for. Anyone may keep their limit of fish. Yes thatís what you pay for but once the fish leave town they wonít be back for a long time. We have all seen it count less times. What Is left 9 times out 10 are your put and takes lake where all you get are 9 inch slimers cause everyone felt the need to keep their limits over and over again. Or better yet the damage is so bad the fishery is wrecked for the next couple of years. This seems to be the norm anyone though so yea go ahead and enjoy the dinners. I know I sure do.
 Reply by: cappyman      Posted: Jun. 16, 2:30:14 PM     Points: 2361    
the point is LEGAL size fish being kept.if a person keeps LEGAL fish and has no more then a 2 day limit at home I don't see that as a problem . maybe the problem is the guys like a few on here that post they fish the lake every day they post they caught 50, 60 , fish a day maybe there the ones hurting the fish numbers.i have fished cc for more then 50 years, back when cc was in the contry. and when you hook 50 fish or more a day how many foul hooked fish under size don't make it ÖÖ hmmmmm. but no you want to coplain about pll out of work fishing spending time with there familys and keeping a few keepers,god forbid anyone catching fish that was ment for your hook,
 Reply by: Ajax5240      Posted: Jun. 16, 3:35:17 PM     Points: 30256    
Who exactly is it that told you not to?!

You started the post, not sure anyone is really following the cause of your rant.

Seems more like youíre arguing with yourself.

Get over it.
 Reply by: Smelly      Posted: Jun. 16, 3:54:44 PM     Points: 24962    
Kinda leaning with you on this one Ajax . Exactly who is all this ranting aimed at ?
 Reply by: yard dogs      Posted: Jun. 16, 4:15:29 PM     Points: 703    
Im guessing it is coming from the updated conditions report on the CC lake page...

Can you guys still read this if I dont use all caps...?
 Reply by: richw88      Posted: Jun. 16, 4:34:40 PM     Points: 18    
Try not to use the words "their/there/they're" until you understand their(!) meanings.

Also, what/who's a "pll"?
 Reply by: JIGORNAUT      Posted: Jun. 16, 5:02:21 PM     Points: 324    
Bag and min.size is 3, 18 inches long. Only 1 walleye longer than 21 inches may be taken per day. I would be under the impression that you could go out on another day and catch the same number of fish and add them to the previous daily bag, which would be your legal possession limit, I came to this conclusion by reading pages 10 and 14 in the 2020 Colorado fishing regulations. Of course I have nothing against practicing catch and release, To the person who commented on catching 50 or 60 fish, seems like you have to catch that many on some days just to get a keeper or two, even prior to this situation.
 Reply by: Bubba02STi      Posted: Jun. 16, 5:13:55 PM     Points: 515    
The only real solution here, is that there be a 1:1 Angler to CPW Officer to monitor their catches, and to make sure that every fish they keep is within they're legal limit.

Kind of surprised this thread isn't deleted yet.

 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Jun. 16, 5:53:39 PM     Points: 8110    
richw88 . . . .I think "pll" is his way of saying "people" . . .I might be wrong,but it reads right.
 Reply by: bron      Posted: Jun. 16, 6:15:30 PM     Points: 38411    
 Reply by: CodyShannon24      Posted: Jun. 19, 9:49:47 PM     Points: 0    
Hey guys! Is there good shore fishing at Cherry Creek, or is it preferable in a boat? I want to save up and get one, but for now am stuck at shore! Walleye are such an amazing fish to catch, can't wait to go tomorrow! Thanks guys, best of luck to you all!
 Reply by: esoxrocks      Posted: Jun. 19, 10:52:18 PM     Points: 2498    
My read here is that crappy is just a little lonely and wants attention. I mean who the f**k cares...
 Reply by: IceFishingFool      Posted: Jun. 20, 8:36:10 AM     Points: 9556    
Can someone pass the popcorn ?
 Reply by: bhooker      Posted: Jun. 20, 9:08:04 AM     Points: 3    
proof before send
 Reply by: IceFishingFool      Posted: Jun. 20, 9:21:31 AM     Points: 9556    
 Reply by: heryantoch      Posted: Jun. 20, 10:09:52 AM     Points: 1389    
It depends...50 - 60 sun fish or trout a day won't hurt the walleye populations...
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: Jun. 20, 10:46:38 AM     Points: 68    
wAreS mE dIctienaRy?
 Reply by: Eyefishing      Posted: Jun. 20, 12:45:19 PM     Points: 1986    
my same thoughts Ajax, not sure what it's all about.
 Reply by: FishHuntNow      Posted: Jun. 21, 9:54:23 PM     Points: 413    
To off set the covid non collecting of eggs. Change the regs for next year or two to, 2 walleye 18 inches.
 Reply by: Toadfish      Posted: Jun. 22, 7:21:45 AM     Points: 3829    
Well, if this initial post doesnít perfectly sum up the state of the world in which we live today, I donít know what else would.... Keep your legal sized fish and bit your quitchiní. Ainít nobody got time for that, and ainít nobody cariní what you do with your legal sized fish Karen.
 Reply by: devon234      Posted: Jun. 22, 10:51:42 AM     Points: 168    
I go to a brookie lake in northwest Colorado and it consistently produces 3lb brookies. I have been going there for the past 12 years. one day we got to the lake and noticed a bunch fish carcasses from people keeping fish. it was probably a group of several people who all kept there limit. it took a few years for the lake to get back to how it was. lakes that produce big brrokies are far more rare and fragile than any walleye lakes so I was upset. people need to understand the situation of the lake they are at. big brookies are very rare to come across because of the conditions needed to produce them. you can pretty much go anywhere there is walleyes and have a chance at trophy fish.
 Reply by: cappyman      Posted: Jul. 7, 3:43:45 AM     Points: 2361    
wow bron. good stuff you don't like bad grammer or bad spelling. nice come back.
 Reply by: Splatteman      Posted: Jul. 9, 5:51:02 PM     Points: 50    
I've caught about 35 walleye at Chatfield this year and not one of them has been over 18". The fish are safe. Go ahead and keep the keepers I'm not complaining.

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