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Lake: Jefferson Lake


Post By: Dgil1972      Posted: 6/15/2020 10:43:30 AM     Points: 1552    
The conditions report from June 8th says "completely open". Does that mean the gates as well as the water? I tried calling the ranger station and Canyon Enterprises and got voice mail at both. Thanks!!
 Reply by: Kenny Rukspin      Posted: Jun. 15, 1:40:10 PM     Points: 6265    
The report on June 8th also says, "Fish(ing) was good on power bait". I would assume by that statement, that the person who submitted the report actually fished at Jefferson Lake.
 Reply by: Dgil1972      Posted: Jun. 15, 2:01:48 PM     Points: 1552    
Yea, my guess is that the gates are open. A guy walked in at the end of May because they were closed. But the campgrounds below are open and there hasn't been any crazy late freezing weather like last year. Just want to be sure that's all.
 Reply by: Boynamedsous      Posted: Jun. 15, 3:57:16 PM     Points: 17    
The gates are open. I was up there on Saturday. Water was crystal clear. Pretty good bite between 7 and 10. Quite a few people on the shoreline.
 Reply by: Dgil1972      Posted: Jun. 15, 4:18:17 PM     Points: 1552    
Great, thanks!!
 Reply by: aerofanbig      Posted: Jun. 16, 8:35:42 PM     Points: 1241    
I was up last Monday, the final gate wasn't opened until 9 am. Not sure id that's everyday or the ranger just didn't get to it. Arrived at 7:45 to aline of cars waiting to go in. Caught 2 fish right off the bat then the bite totally died.