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Lake: Gross Reservoir


Post By: Wild Trout Hunter      Posted: 6/12/2020 1:30:10 AM     Points: 238    
Went up last Friday caught two lakers and one brown nice day minimal wind a afternoon sprinkle. Last I checked there was no body contact with the water seemed like a free-for-all though? Some of the paddle boarders were just hanging out in the water waist deep near the shore throughout the day. In the afternoon a large group of teenagers were jumping off the rocks and swimming. I had no service otherwise I would have called the ranger. In the past I've seen paddle boarders fall off there boards with the strong winds. Why cant we use electric motors on canoes and kayaks if its acceptable for paddle boarders to inevitably fall into the lake??
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 6/12/2020 3:10:26 AM     Points: 8568    
Todays spelling lesson . . . . . . . "There" as in over there.
"Their" as in its their choice.
There is not much you can do about their choices to have contact with the water.
Gross is Denver Water Boards baby . . .they make the rules.
 Reply by: Wild Trout Hunter      Posted: 6/12/2020 4:33:31 AM     Points: 238    
LOL yup.... thanks for today's spelling lesson I clearly needed it lol.
There was no enforced regulation and their rules are contradicting. Disappointing to say the least.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 6/12/2020 6:17:09 AM     Points: 8568    
WTH . . . .I can't spell to save my self,but that's my pet peeve.Don't let the folks that can't follow the rules upset you . . .life's too short.
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: 6/12/2020 7:45:14 AM     Points: 74    
Touching the water?/ Thats just gross!! Catch and release is contact. Burping or passing wind is contact-as is sneezing/coughing. Why aren't we required to sanitize our rig before casting? I being super careful to avoid going all political doncha know............but knowwhatimsayin bro? The thing that really really concerns me is the pudding pops....... you see.................
 Reply by: richw88      Posted: 6/12/2020 8:46:35 AM     Points: 18    
They're there for their own enjoyment.:)

 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: 6/12/2020 11:19:58 AM     Points: 74    
There's no "there" there...………McSnare……...
 Reply by: 3wayfisha      Posted: 6/12/2020 11:28:11 AM     Points: 268    
hah..ya i mean go to the inlet on a popular day n youll see tons of fly guys waded in....

tbh i never understood the no body contact with water this it just to discourage people from jumping off the 1 great cliff jump there?

 Reply by: shiverfix      Posted: 6/12/2020 12:09:38 PM     Points: 3772    
I understand that reservoirs that are water storage for municipal drinking water might want to have some rules regarding that water. However...

Aurora doesn't allow gas engines but does allow body contact (Aurora, Jefferson) or no gas engines and no body contact (Quincy). Except for Spinney which allows gas engines and no body contact.

Denver water allows gas engines with no body contact (opposite of Aurora) in Dillon and Elevenmile, and looks like no restrictions at Williams Fork. Gross is no contact and no motors. Cheeseman is no water contact, and since it is hike in there obviously isn't gas motors.

There doesn't seem to be any real consistency across agencies and even intra-agency.

All the rules are a pain in the ass, but honestly, I'm glad that municipal water compounds are available for recreational use. Better than the alternative. And really, who cares what others are doing, you only have control over you. Go out and enjoy yourself and don't let others ruin your day.
 Reply by: Ajax5240      Posted: 6/12/2020 12:24:31 PM     Points: 31186    
With all the swim beaches, neighborhood pools, and many other public resources closed... The ones that are still open are taking a ton of increased traffic!

Our little neighborhood reservoir has easily 3-4x the usual number of people out fishing and enjoying themselves. Some follow the rules, and plenty of others do not.

Not a whole lot that can be done about it. Just enjoy yourself!
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: 6/12/2020 1:36:37 PM     Points: 74    
Great input. I think when people decide to go back to work everything will chill braaaaa..
 Reply by: bluecreek      Posted: 6/12/2020 6:48:45 PM     Points: 611    
Great pic! Love the dark color on that mackinaw.
 Reply by: Street Chub      Posted: 6/13/2020 3:31:21 PM     Points: 640    
Here's an amusing item related to proper spelling/word choice:
 Reply by: gsn1574      Posted: 6/14/2020 9:49:26 AM     Points: 963    
Grew up in Boulder, in fact, just a short ride on my dirt bike from Gross. People been cliff jumping since it filled up. Since allowing car top boats, there is much "stupid" there.

This conversation make me think of Standly Lake. A bout 15 years ago, I was goofing around and fishing not far from where the boat beach was with my dog. I walked in as I lived just up the street and decided to wade in ankle deep as it was hot. The ranger came over and read the riot act to me. I simple pointed over to the boaters floating with life in their life preservers with their dog swimming around them. He simply said, "they paid".

Do good laws that make no sense or serve any real purpose. Denver water is famous for that.
 Reply by: cardo      Posted: 6/17/2020 4:29:07 PM     Points: 788    
The no dogs and no body contact rules are usually to prevent coliform bacteria from contaminating a water supply (which makes sense). My dogs and I were kicked out of a lake in Louisville and I pointed out to the ranger that geese were pooping everywhere as well as the horses being ridden on the beach, He pointed out that he doesn't make the rules-just enforces them.
 Reply by: bluecollarguy      Posted: 6/17/2020 8:00:53 PM     Points: 43    
Funny stuff all around in this thread...getting off topic reminds me of Denver’s goose roundup last year and the public outcry on that!

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