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Lake: Granby Lake
Fish: Lake Trout
33rd Annual 3 Lakes Ice Fishing Contest

It was fun while it lasted!

Post By: ass bass or cash      Posted: 6/4/2020 8:25:12 PM     Points: 2099    
Got into some nice fat eater sized lakers at Granby before a storm rolled in on Arapahoe Bay. Found them willing to bite very softly on 1/4 & 3/8 white jig heads and chartreuse mister twisters tipped with sucker meat between 60 - 80 fow. Water was clear and fun to watch your jig drop out of sight at about 8-10 feet. Water temps were 57- 59 degrees.
 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: 6/4/2020 8:33:52 PM     Points: 59039    
That's an awesome picture!
 Reply by: jdavis      Posted: 6/4/2020 8:40:05 PM     Points: 64    
Yep, awesome picture.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 6/4/2020 8:40:30 PM     Points: 8498    
Said the man as he headed to the boat ramp . . .Cool picture!
 Reply by: ass bass or cash      Posted: 6/5/2020 9:49:31 AM     Points: 2099    
Thanks guys, It was a looooong ride across Granby as the motor went out and we had to use the kicker to get back to the dock. I didn't look at that pic until I was in the car to see how it turned out. Too busy putting on the raingear! I believe that is deer island we had passed.
 Reply by: bratfish      Posted: 6/5/2020 10:07:37 AM     Points: 1096    
The weather turns fast there for sure
 Reply by: GoNe_FiShIn_11      Posted: 6/5/2020 3:00:31 PM     Points: 15470    
What a great time for the motor to give out. Talk about pucker effect lol. At least the fish cooperated a bit. Kool pic for sure