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Lake: Aurora Reservoir
Fish: Walleye

open seat tomorrow at Aurora

Post By: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 6/4/2020 4:58:16 PM     Points: 7473    
Going to be an early on,try to beat the heat day. Should be fun. All you need are crawlers and drinks/food/snacks.
We will try for eyes and trout.
I'm home . . .call till 10

 Reply by: shiverfix      Posted: Jun. 4, 5:07:58 PM     Points: 3764    
If you have time tomorrow, take HP up on this. He will get you on fish and teach you how to catch them.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Jun. 4, 5:10:35 PM     Points: 7473    
Shiv . . . .Don't tell them that! . . . .make it sound less fun . . . .LOL!!!!
 Reply by: briantandrews      Posted: Jun. 4, 5:49:43 PM     Points: 93    
HP It's really cool that you offer this so often, I'll be looking for a day to meet you. You said something about paddle boarders having just one place to get on and off in one of your reports, do you know whether I'd break any new rules by parking at the dam and launching a kayak up there?
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Jun. 4, 5:57:46 PM     Points: 7473    
briantandrews . . . .I don't know much about the dam parking lots.You can do what lots of other folks do and use the boat ramp.Have everything ready to launch and just pop it in and go park.You can beach it next to the ramp.The ramp is three lanes.I would use the west lane so trailered boats can use the dock.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Jun. 4, 7:33:40 PM     Points: 7473    
 Reply by: briantandrews      Posted: Jun. 4, 7:59:30 PM     Points: 93    
Appreciate the advice HP. Hope you and your guest have a good trip tomorrow.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Jun. 4, 8:18:54 PM     Points: 7473    
briantandrews . . .I think the dam parking lots are connected to the dam via concret bike paths . . .on the the west end and on the east end there's a stair case to the top of the dam. On your way in or out,take a few and look the access over.
 Reply by: briantandrews      Posted: Jun. 6, 11:59:33 AM     Points: 93    
Just in case anyone other me was interested I talked to a ranger at Aurora this morning and she said it's fine to hand launch by the third shelter off the east end of the dam.
 Reply by: fishgutz      Posted: Jun. 7, 10:39:49 AM     Points: 131    
HP .... I'd love to join you for a day of fishing when u have another spot open. I'm a fairly good angler and always looking to get better and listen to any tips.
I have not been on a boat in at least 15+ years be quite the treat.
Tight lines and stay safe!!