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Lake: Stagecoach Reservoir
River: Yampa River - Steamboat Springs

First Time In The 'boat

Post By: MaxVerstappen33      Posted: 5/29/2020 11:52:57 PM     Points: 868    
Got told by the owner of my workplace that he'd be sending me up to Steamboat for a week on Saturday to help with one of his store openings. Actually am hella excited because I've never been up there, but i hear the pike fishig is PHENOMENAL. Will actually be staying at a hotel in Craig because Steamboat hotels aren't allowed to open.Have no idea where to go fishing at besides Stagecoach, but i was planning on hitting it up on my way home in a week. Are there any other places you guys would suggest? Heard that the Yampa River is also pretty good, but i've tried many times to fish rivers but have never had any luck. Any suggestions would be awesome and i would be forever grateful! Will post updates as the week goes along with hopfully good news! Thank you guys and be safe out there!
 Reply by: Santiago84      Posted: 5/30/2020 2:11:27 AM     Points: 4808    
Check out the fishful thinker episode on yampa river state park. It seems like itís worth checking out.
 Reply by: whatmylenssees      Posted: 5/30/2020 5:13:34 AM     Points: 20    
Love it up there. The tailwater is awesome and worth checking out. Have a blast!
 Reply by: bigbear57      Posted: 5/30/2020 9:43:29 AM     Points: 876    
if you are staying in Craig you would be better off hitting elkhead reservoir for the pike.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 5/30/2020 5:16:39 PM     Points: 8498    
What a heavy cross you have to carry! LOL
Enjoy yourself no matter where you end up fishing.Rout county is a great place.
Pictures please!
 Reply by: panfishin      Posted: 5/30/2020 6:10:00 PM     Points: 8400    
Pearl lake is really nice too, but you have a ton of options up there
 Reply by: Kokonutz      Posted: 5/30/2020 6:18:01 PM     Points: 3    
Routt county lodging ban expires Monday so you can stay in steamboat. Stagecoach pike fishing is a far cry from what it was 10 years ago, a few monsters but overall population not what it used to be.
 Reply by: MaxVerstappen33      Posted: 6/2/2020 9:52:20 PM     Points: 868    
Alright guys heres an update,sorry it took so long!

So I've only been able to go out sparringly since I've been working 10-6 since I've gotten here. Tomorrow will be my only day off until Ileave on Friday. HOWEVER I have been able to go to 3 different lakes and even hit the Yampa River up! The Yampa is WAAAYYY more aggressive than what I'm used to on the South Platte! Needless to say, nothing was caught in the Yampa.

So the first lake I went to was Elkhead Reservoir! Literally I was th only person, at least to my knowledge that was fishing. There were plenty of campers though, so i don't know what the deal is there. First I fished the swim beach shore and had nothing bite. I decided to try from the first pull off area by the entrance as I was leaving. Had no bites again, but did see something break the surface by th rocks. Maybe a smallmouth? Spent at least 30 min trying to hook it but nothing. So had to leave for work at that point.

I asked my hotel front desk clerk if he knew about any fishing lakes and he was very excited to tell me about "Perch Ponds." Said that they stocked the lake with rainbows frequently I guess. I gave it a try because he told me with such enthusiasm. The drive there was GORGEOUS, Once I got there, I immediately saw something break surface. Quickly got a lure in, and about 5 minutes later, landed my first fish of the trip! proceeded to fish there for another about, hour or so, and just bout every other cast was a catch, or a bite and spit. Was too sad when i had to leave :(.

Last lake update was Loudy Sim[sons pond, The one past the railroad tracks. Threw a finesse work on and got a bite my first cast! Kept throwing different types of soft baits on hooks in and got of bites still, but i couldnt hook one in the outh to save my life.SO MANY BITES BUT NO HOOK. Eventually the mosquitoes overpowered me, so ileft out of frustration. BUT I WILL BE BACK

Thats it for now folks! Thanks for reading my long ass update and i will give another one at the end of the trip!

 Reply by: Americanwolf      Posted: 6/9/2020 6:57:37 AM     Points: 87    
In about 2 weeks the river should fall to a great fishing level and the river will be on fire.