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Post By: chalula      Posted: 5/27/2020 4:18:27 PM     Points: 152    
Hey all trying to get out this weekend.. how the flyfishing been at spinney .

Seeing any bugs coming off? I heard chiromidges are decent any thing else.

 Reply by: i2fly      Posted: May. 29, 7:17:26 AM     Points: 1887    
I fished the Spin on Tuesday. The chironomids were hatching pretty heavily #16 was the most notable. There were at least 4 class sizes going that day. A couple caddis and I saw..... wait for it. ó- Callibeatis! Yes I saw 3... that marks the earliest date ever. To my recollection. We will get 2 hatches this year of the Callibeatis. The lake stayed fuller though out the winter. That allowed the mud burrowing bugs to survive in the shallows that have been high and dry in previous years. Bugs coming off oh yeah. Finding fish is tougher part. Some will and some wonít. Hit and a miss based on what Iíve seen. The fish seem spread out. If you can find a large pod of fish youíll probably do well. However, Tuesday was SLOW.....!

 Reply by: malty falcon      Posted: May. 29, 11:27:26 AM     Points: 6753    
I fished Spin on Wed., in the big pod of 'toons and motor boats. Lots of smaller fish mixed in, but we didn't do as well as some others VERY close to us. Finally got frustrated and drifted around until we found weeds that were 2-3 feet tall. Spot-locked and it was all big fish~!!!! Many browns in the mix, including a couple over 20"!!!

My trick is to turn on the side scan and down scan on sonar, and the weed structure is easier to find.

The fish haven't died or been harvested, they are still there, just gotta find new places.