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Lake: Boedecker Reservoir

Inlet at Boedecker

Post By: regulatedhobbyist      Posted: 5/27/2020 4:05:47 PM     Points: 125    
Hi all, It's been a crazy ride the past few years and I haven't been as active here as I would have hoped. Does anyone know how to get to the inlet at Boedecker? I've been wanting to try it but wasn't sure if this is back by the road on the north side of the lake or if it was by the dam. If I remember correctly, you have to hike the trail all the way in. Unless anyone knows of a recent addition to public access?

I thought the outlet was at the dam.
 Reply by: twhart      Posted: May. 27, 4:16:21 PM     Points: 459    
Inlet is on the north side of the lake. I haven't been in a few years. Check out the latest conditions report. It mentions a new public access area on the north side of the lake. I don't know if it gets you all the way to the inlet though.