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Heard some mumbo, and decided to try Jumbo

Post By: Fishinbud      Posted: 5/22/2020 12:12:53 AM     Points: 0    
Wanted to catch some keeper eyes, more than just 2, to make a decent family meal. So, we made the long haul to Jumbo, waited in line to get inspected, launched, and was fishing by 8:30. Took about half an hour to find some cooperative fish, and over the next 5 hours, boated around 30 eyes, 2 nice crappie, and 2 jumbo perch. The eyes ranged from 13-22Ē, with most around 19-20Ē. Casted/drifted around the shallow flats with chartreuse 1/4 oz. jigheads, with 3Ē orange/chartreuse and white/chartreuse twister tales caught most of the fish, with slightly less than half coming on set lines in rod holders, with either hook (baited with night crawler), line and sinker, or floating jighead tipped with crawler. Overall, a pretty good day for our first time ever trying the lake. That said, didnít care much for the single, relatively shallow boat launch without a dock, having to wait in line to leave, narrow roads, and pot holes to boot. Definitely would never consider going there on a busy weekend, as the few dozen boats out and about, were more than enough for me. Obviously a very healthy fishery, but Iíll be looking elsewhere, for better accommodations going forward. That said, if the drawbacks donít dissuade you, and you want good action, where most of the fish are within the slot limit, this lake is a good choice, and I wish you the best of luck.
 Reply by: Fishinbud      Posted: May. 22, 12:26:28 AM     Points: 0    
What the 2 of us took home.
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: May. 22, 6:36:39 AM     Points: 56    
Thems good eats. Nice trip !
 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: May. 22, 6:43:12 AM     Points: 53634    
Looks like the secret is out. Good for you to get into them. I've talk to quite a few people in the past week or so that know the lake and know how to fish it who said the bite has all but died out there over the past couple weeks.
 Reply by: PHILH      Posted: May. 22, 8:59:02 AM     Points: 0    
 Reply by: Fishinbud      Posted: May. 22, 11:44:39 AM     Points: 0    
Go Sioux, Go SIOUX? Shame on you, that's RACIST! Just F'n with you, speaking of which, they're now referred to, as the F'n Hawks. At their home hockey games, they've given up on calling them the Fighting Hawks, because when they do, the crowd, each and every time, will go into a 5 minute chant of (Bum-bum-bum-bum-bum (that's drum's beating) Sioux For-ever!) So, they merely refer to the team as, "North Dakota", when making announcements over the PA. UND renaming their team mascot, was about the biggest revisionist history, political correctness gone wild, that you'll ever see. Don't believe me, research it, and you'll know, that the nickname was not only an honor to the Sioux Nation (the potus of the university was made an honorary Chief of the Sioux Nation) but their previous incredible logo (that would even make the Blackhawks envious), was created by a renowned Sioux artist. So, despite growing up in ND, and being a die-hard Sioux fan, quite frankly, they're dead to me. I now follow UMD, coached by (former UND stand out and pro player with the Montreal Canadiens) Scott Sandelin (who SHOULD have been UND's coach, but lost out to Dave Hextall due to nepotism) who has won 3 National Titles since 2011, initially going from worst to first, in college hockey. I also enjoy following DU, another great organization, aside from their foolishly firing Gorge Gwozdecky (on April 1st of all days), one of college hockey's greats. I now follow them, because they had brains enough to hire David Carle, who was highly recruited by Gwoz, but never played for DU, due to a heart problem. Gwoz did what no other coach today would, he honored David's 4 year scholarship, made him an assistant student coach, taught him the ropes, and he's now carrying on the team's incredible tradition. I know, long winded, but ask me what I really think?! That said, if the fishing is "slow" at Jumbo, I can only imagine what "HOT" fishing is there. We had to cover a lot of ground to find the fish, but when we did, we consistently caught them on each of the 4 drifts that we made, over the spots that were producing. Nate Zelinsky sometimes says how Chatfield Reservoir, is as good as any lake in MN, to which I strongly disagree. That said, Jumbo however, fishes better than most MN lakes, both in numbers, and size imo. Take care and tight lines.
 Reply by: River_FlyFisher      Posted: May. 22, 2:29:30 PM     Points: 1920    
Good post, and nice work, but what a way to hotspot a smaller fishery.
:-\ Should keep this kind of stuff on the plus side out of general public view.
 Reply by: Fishinbud      Posted: May. 22, 3:24:47 PM     Points: 0    
I realize that some guys are very secretive about their spots, but let's be completely honest here, JUMBO is a 1600-1700 acre fishery. That's at least as large as Chatfield, and much larger than Cherry Creek, so, it's anything but a small, tiny, fishery. There's only 1 boat landing in use (I know, there's another one as well, but it doesn't have those all important (EXTREME SARCASM here) boat inspections, so, the number of boats that could possibly be on it at any given time, is relatively low, relative to the size of the lake. Further, the reservoir is in the freakin' middle of nowhere. Most folks are going to be hesitant to drive 3 hours, each way, for a day of fishing. For any extended trip, if you're going to go that far, you might as well push on for another hour or so, and hit up McConaughy, a true world class fishery. I saw someone recently post, that if you can't catch walleyes in Colorado this time of year, you may want to take up some other hobby, or target something else. That isn't helping your fellow angler, it's insulting. So, when I see posts of "Look at me, I'm catching fish on Lake X", well, it's only of so much "help" because I've fished hundreds of walleye fisheries (successfully mind you), and there are SEVERAL tactics to employ, depending upon where you are at, what time of year that it is, and how you go about targeting them. For a new angler, it can be both a bit overwhelming, and frustrating. So, I guess I was under the impression that this site is to be a resource, to discuss our passion, and help those trying to learn. If you don't want to reveal any of your spots, fine, that's your prerogative, whereas for me, I know that I can fish any body of water, adapt, and catch my share. For true newcomers, I'll not only provide where, when, with what, but yes, even GPS coordinates, if they ask politely, to each his/her own. Take care and best of luck.
 Reply by: River_FlyFisher      Posted: May. 22, 3:52:08 PM     Points: 1920    
Well, good for you. Hot spotting is hot spotting, and doesn't help the resource.

Go post this on that book of faces and a few other "social media" spots, and then watch the fish disappear as hundreds flock to the lake to remove their limits. If you don't think folks won't drive 3 hours to get a limit of Walleye, you'd be 100% wrong. The single, one-lane ramp IS a joke, and the wait times aren't going to get any better when you hot spot like this.

Yes, this is an issue that comes up ALL the time here. There's a good reason many people stopped posting here and putting up conditions reports. Maybe when you see the results for yourself, you might reconsider where and how you post your success reports. You're a plus member, keep it over there at a minimum.
 Reply by: Fishinbud      Posted: May. 22, 5:18:02 PM     Points: 0    
Personally, I like it when someone gives me a heads up as to when a lake really heats up, because they most certainly do not do so, by all turning on/off at once. Many have said that the fishing has slowed down in the past couple weeks. That's not because there's a lack of fish (I marked a ton), but rather, because after the spawn and they scatter, they are more difficult to find. We covered a LOT of real estate, to get the fish that we did. As we both pointed out, the boat ramp and roads leave a LOT to be desired. I know that for me personally, I will not be back anytime soon, despite the good fishing, because I don't like to sit and wait, to get on/off any lake. I contend that it's a very good fishery, in a decent sized lake, that doesn't get a ton of pressure, simply due to it's location. I'll be hitting John Martin, Adobe, Granby, Wolford, Rifle Gap, perhaps even Blue Mesa, Lake Powell, and Flaming Gorge in the coming months. Even though people are aware of good bites there and elsewhere, it's not going to wreck, the fishery. Wrecking fisheries, is when the DOW doesn't manage the resources decently, like cancelling the netting/egg collection this year for example. I mean seriously, a few guys in a boat, is about as social-distanced, as it gets. Chatfield, if they were to at least have wipers introduced (whose population can be easily controlled), if not white bass, the fishery would be so much more interesting/exciting. Then, with the rising water table that is to occur, it could become a good panfish lake again with additional crappie and perch stockings as well imo, something that it has not been, for a looong time. As for being a Fish Explorer Member, I do so, simply for the lake updates and wind forecast. Also, with these challenging times, not everyone can afford a membership. So, relative to trying to help other anglers out, I agree to disagree. Take care and best of luck.
 Reply by: Trailerman      Posted: May. 22, 5:42:07 PM     Points: 603    
Yíall crack me up. Hot spotting will happen one way or another in the age of social media. Hot spotting existed before social media all be it maybe a little more slowly. Thereís plenty of fish in Colorado. If you donít like people sharing info then find a more private forum. Dude didnít do anything outside the forum rules. Also everywhere is more crowded recently because the population inColorado has seen a huge boom in the last few years. Getting a bit tired of old timers reminiscing about the good ol days. Theyíre gone get used to it. Adapt and overcome.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: May. 22, 6:03:54 PM     Points: 7090    
Fishinbud . . . .I was going to let this one go,but that "a few guys in a boat" coment got me going.You are not very smart and you don't know anything about the spawn and net operation.First off . . . .there is more to collecting eggs and sperm than a "few guys in a boat" . . .its more like 8-10 people collecting the Walleye from the net and sorting the eggs,mixing the sperm and eggs . . . .after the fish are collected from the net,they are taken to a work tent where the work begins,in the tent there are two rows of workers . . .shoulder to shoulder,milking and collecting eggs and shorting the eggs. You need to look before you leap.I'm trying to not say what I'm really thinking!!!!!!!!!!!As a active volinteer for the CWP,I take personal offense over that lack of knowelage and lame choice of words. . . . .go work the nets for one day . . . .then come back and make an appoligy for your comments.
 Reply by: Fishinbud      Posted: May. 22, 6:20:15 PM     Points: 0    
Hawaiian Punch (I prefer Kool-Aid myself). I was being facetious, and understand how netting/stocking programs work. Stay home if you're sick, wear a mask, possibly some gloves, and do the dam (essential) job! Heck, I ordered my license and Parks Pass online this year (because I had to). The DOW/State Parks were in rare form this year. They issued me a State Parks Pass, that is cheaply made, and had no adhesive on it (they had a cheap piece of it, separate from the "sticker" itself). Then, they issued me a boat and fishing license that I ordered in May of 2020, only to have them indicate on both, that they expire, in February of 2020 (before I bought them). They meant to have listed the expiration as 2021, but yes, managed to screw that up. Colorado has some decent fisheries, but when compared to states like Louisiana, Florida, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, etc., Colorado leaves a LOT to be desired. Ah, and it only took them 3 weeks to have them mailed out to me. But do tell, of the dangerous office conditions, and wicked paper cuts ...
 Reply by: Trailerman      Posted: May. 22, 6:22:34 PM     Points: 603    
HP I would love to volunteer next year. Is there a CPW sign up or something of the sort? Also do they do it weekends mostly? I have a 50 hour a week job but if I can make it work I would love too. Itís a cool operation and I love the videos I have seen. Social distancing definitely not possible. Hopefully the lack of spawn operations arenít a huge hit but so far this season in my limited time at Chatfield there is a good crop of 15 to 18 inch fish and if all the eggs stayed in the lake that should be good for future years at least at Chatfield? Iím hoping so anyway. Donít mean to be harping on the old timers. Times do change tho.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: May. 22, 6:59:44 PM     Points: 7090    
Trailerman,call the 58th and Broadway office and get in touch with the boiloligest for C.C. . . .get on the list to help.Bad news . .once the egg colection starts,it's 7 days a week as the eyes spawn in waves(not every eye spawns at the same time) last year they had a bumper crop and got enough eggs in two weeks to fill the hatchery. Picked up the nets early! If your going to work the nets . . .get you some water proof clothing!
 Reply by: Trailerman      Posted: May. 22, 8:26:36 PM     Points: 603    
Got it. Drive by 58th office twice a week. Is it worth just poking my head in there? Iíve been meaning too just for fun anyway. Pretty funny thatís where thatís the head office is,right in the middle of the most industrial area around.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: May. 22, 9:24:22 PM     Points: 7090    
Thats where you should start.
OLD GUY EDIT: Back in the day,the Broadway office was out in the sticks(in its own way)there was lots more open space in that part of town.
 Reply by: FishHuntNow      Posted: May. 23, 8:51:42 AM     Points: 40    
Mark my words "fishinbud" when I see you at Chatfield in the parking lot I will call you out in your face respectfully, but I will call you out.

I'm sick of your dumb comments on here. You think you're doing anyone a favor spewing out what works and what doesn't work. How about you let people figure out how to fish instead of handing it to them.

Pathetic! Mods I do not care if I stepped out of my bounds, people like this need to be called out for their behavior.
 Reply by: FishHuntNow      Posted: May. 23, 8:55:19 AM     Points: 40    

Every day I meet people like FIshinbud that talk my ear off at Chatfield, Cherry Creek and other places that think they know how fish behave and how the operations work. I'm usually a nice guy but I can't stand hearing misleading facts.
 Reply by: wingman13      Posted: May. 23, 11:36:12 AM     Points: 806    
Approx 140 boats out there last Sunday, about an hour/ hour & a half wait to get on in the morning. Never saw it that bad last year & there is no camping yet. Internet blows things up, just saying
 Reply by: Fishinbud      Posted: May. 23, 11:55:19 AM     Points: 0    
FishHuntNow, you mad bro'? If you've got something to say, just say it now, because if you think for a second, that I'm going to listen to your high and mighty, holier than thou attitude, well, you're out of your mind.

As far as talking your ear off? Ain't gonna' happen, ever. I usually keep things pretty much to myself, unless someone specifically asks me. I've been a member here before and would post from time to time, but never got a rash of sheet here, from loudmouths about their "secret" spots. What irritated me here, was someone being elusive, when asked a very simple question. And then folks sound off, with their little buzz words, about "hot-spotting" a lake, which in reality, is at least as large as Chatfield, located in just about bum-f Egypt, and very close to a true world class fishery, just over the border into Nebraska. In addition to the fishing, I did point out the drawbacks, and why I'll probably rarely make a point of going there, if ever.

When I post, I give enough information, so that a novice, can go out and enjoy some success, with possibly some newly learned techniques, in a new area, that they may have not been aware of before. It's called helping out your fellow fisherman. I guess I was under the allusion that, that was what this site was about, and not merely being a personal bragging board. If that was the case, I'd have plenty to post, but that's not what I'm here for. But I suppose that you were just blessed with all of your fishing "knowledge" from birth, eh?

Again, I pointed out the pros/cons of a good sized body of water, referred to the State's poor issuing of permits/licensing, how some bodies of water imo are not well managed (otherwise, how do you explain the infinitesimal number of keeper walleyes at Chatty, as well as the sub-standard pan fishing there?), and a pandemic, that although it should be taken seriously, has been wildly over-hyped (and I believe in time, many people will come to that conclusion once the dust settles), and that the draconian measures that were taken, have been greatly over done.

So again, if you have something to say, please be so kind as to articulate it in a straight forward, concise, comprehensive manner, or well, quite frankly, shut your pie-hole. If you can, great, if not, 2 words, anger management. Take care, and best of luck.
 Reply by: Fishinbud      Posted: May. 23, 12:06:44 PM     Points: 0    
Wingman13, thank you for making that point. Word about the lake was out, long before my post. That said, when I do post, I'll continue to tell folks where I've fished, what I've used, and how I've done. On more than one occasion, other fisherman have come over politely, asking what I was doing. In each and every case, if they didn't have what I was using, I've give them enough of what I did have, so that they to, could be successful. Not Mother Teresa of Fishermen, but I do help those in need, where I can. Take care and best of luck.
 Reply by: Beavis      Posted: May. 23, 12:28:36 PM     Points: 10    
I got all my info on Jumbo from the division of wildlife netting servers which gives in detail the numbers and size of the walleye in many lakes including Jumbo.

Itís too funny all the babyís on this post that want to cry when someone gives out useful information to put some fellow anglers on some fish.

Petty ass losers!!!
 Reply by: Trotline      Posted: May. 23, 1:15:36 PM     Points: 884    
Fishenbud I have fished in all of the states that you mentioned. They all have the same problem. it is called a lack of funds. I have had a Colorado fishing license for over 65 years and I think that our fishing is the best it has ever been. More species, more lakes and year round fishing. Ten years ago Jumbo was a poor fishery. Due to Game & Fish action Jumbo is now a very good fishery. Give them some credit.
 Reply by: Fishinbud      Posted: May. 23, 2:04:41 PM     Points: 0    
Trotline, fair points, well taken, and duly noted. And yes, Jumbo is an excellent fishery, and there are several others throughout the state. That said, in most of the states that I mentioned, there are a few glaring differences. In Colorado, boaters must go through the motions, in having their boats inspected. I understand why they do this, but, and it's a BIG (______________!_____________), it's not very effective.

Many other states have more trust in their anglers, confident that they know enough to drop their outboards, making sure that they, along with their live-wells, anchor ropes, etc., are dry, and clear of any aquatic debris. I don't think anyone wants to see invasive species take over a body of water (except for the clowns that bucket stocked northerns into Spinney).
Performing all of the above, before going to any body of water, is just common sense. Imo, it would be better for an online, mini-seminar (like 30 minutes or less), that boaters should have to be aware of, before they are issued their boating registrations each year.

Then, do sporadic checks (as is done for licenses) for enforcement, imposing harsh fines for violators. I'd be interested in hearing, the number of boaters, that are dinged/fined for violations, at the various inspection stations. I would bet that it's very low.
As for the inspections, they are done very inconsistently. Several times, even after being asked if I had caught anything, and responded that I had, my live-well has been checked very few times.

Now, inspections for boats with outboards, is actually going to be effective, however, what about inboard/outboard motors? The latter often have 4 or 5 drain plugs. Are inspectors having those boaters open them all up, ensuring that they are dry? I doubt it. Where do they think that water (which is significant) goes, when the engine is started? Further, after being inspected after leaving Chatfield recently, having had the seal affixed to my trailer, and being issued a receipt, I still had to be inspected at Pueblo, because of "aquatic issues" at Chatty, really? They don't trust that my boat was properly inspected at their stations?! On that visit to Pueblo, I had to drive from the North boat ramp to the South one, because they were painting new lines, at the North Boat ramp. Lines, at a boat ramp, really? The attendant at the North entrance, saw that I was going fishing, and didn't bother to even mention it. :/ cont'd ...

 Reply by: Fishinbud      Posted: May. 23, 2:20:41 PM     Points: 0    
Then, someone had the bright idea of not only installing gates (which they lock), as well as spike strips, at some of the boat launches, including Granby, Horsetooth, and more. (Spikes, really?!!!) In the states that I mentioned, you don't get harassed, in a symbolism over substance manner, for going through the motions actions, that accomplish very little, relative to what they are/were intended to do. The time and money wasted on this program, could be better spent improving the resources.

All it has done, is raise the price of an in-state Colorado resident license, to that which is more than most non-resident licenses, in other states. With an extra rod stamp this year, I believe the total was about $65. In MN, I can get a Family license for that, a license that Colorado doesn't even offer.

Then, there's the limits that many other states have. A thriving fishery, at least for walleyes, often allow 5 fish per day, and either have no size limits, or, that of 15" and above, with 1 that can be over 21". Chatfield has changed its limits several times, from 4 to 2, to 3, and we all know, that you can often sift through 50+ eyes, before you get a keeper (with the Fall, and night fishing being the exception of course). As I mentioned, Chatfield use to be a decent panfish lake, and it could be once again, especially with all of the timber/brush that is soon going to be permanently flooded. I sincerely hope that the DOW increases the stocking of sunfish/perch/crappie/white bass/wiper, or some combination thereof, and it could once again, become an excellent fishery. When I hear folks say that it's as good as any lake in MN, I laugh, because it's simply not true. I grew up in the Dakotas/Minnesota lakes areas, and never had a problem, when going out after a limit of eyes.

Further, panfish are easy to catch in MN, LOTS of them. Here in Colorado, with the abundant reservoirs, some lakes, and LOTS of ponds, the majority of them do not have that great of fishing, with most being sub-par. If a person drives 2-4 hours in Colorado, you can get into some outstanding fishing, and again, we are in agreement there. However, in the metro area, that really is not the case. I do catch a lot at Cherry Creek and Chatfield, with some occasional nice ones, but that's often the exception.

No state is perfect, but the states that I listed, have anglers jumping through a lot less hoops, provide greater overall quality angling opportunities, at a substantially lower price. To anyone that frequently fishes outside of Colorado, that much is obvious, so, there's room for improvement. Take care, and best of luck.
 Reply by: Beavis      Posted: May. 23, 3:04:27 PM     Points: 10    
Hey FishHuntNow,

So let me get this straight, you are planning to hunt down fishinbud in the parking lot to call him out and verbally abuse him for doin what? If you are actually serious, you must have SERIOUS ISSUES!!
Fishinbud found his own place to fish at Jumbo reservoir, discovered his own
Methods of fishing the lake, with great success, and now is sharing information of where,what,when, and how, with fellow anglers on this sight how may not be accomplished walleye anglers like fishinbud. He is not acting unlawful or unethical in any way. In fact, Iím guessing many of the readers are finding his information both informative and helpful. So please get over it, as I am certain that somewhere along the way, some generous experienced fisherman has offered you some useful fishing advice.
 Reply by: Trailerman      Posted: May. 23, 3:12:54 PM     Points: 603    
Whereís the popcorn emoji folks ha!
 Reply by: Fishinbud      Posted: May. 23, 4:27:52 PM     Points: 0    
I'll be looking to try better quality fisheries, now that the bite has picked up across the state and elsewhere, so I probably won't be frequenting Chatfield, until later this Fall. It's okay, and if at that time, FishHuntNow wishes to embarrass himself any further, I'll be more than happy to record his diatribe, for all to see.
 Reply by: River_FlyFisher      Posted: May. 23, 7:17:50 PM     Points: 1920    
Wingman13: "Approx 140 boats out there last Sunday, about an hour/ hour & a half wait to get on in the morning. Never saw it that bad last year & there is no camping yet. Internet blows things up, just saying"

^^^EXACTLY THIS!!! It's not just here, the hot-spotting happens on other fishing media platforms too. It all combines to actually have a significant impact.

There has NEVER been a 60-90 minute wait at Jumbo until now. THAT IS THE RESULT OF HOT-SPOTTING AT THIS LAKE FOR THE PAST 12-18 MONTHS. >:-( Yes, it pisses me off. Worst I've ever seen was maybe 10 boats in line, that was only because some idiot ski boat had his ballast tanks full and had to be decontaminated. That was MAYBE a 30-minute wait.

You know how many boats were on Chatfield last weekend? I was there Saturday until ~3pm, and it was not even close to 140 boats, even including the jet skis! Maybe 30-40 at most. That, and Chatfield has 10 lanes worth of boat ramps, and Jumbo has ONE! Take note fishinbud, this is what happens when folks hot-spot. Also, move back to MN if our fisheries/CPW bother you so much. I'm not saying they're perfect, but they do a lot more than you're giving them credit for.

 Reply by: Trailerman      Posted: May. 23, 7:27:17 PM     Points: 603    
Anyone considered that there is nothing else to do because everything is closed? Usually a Rockies game or something would keep a few people off the lake? We are lucky that we at least have state parks and outdoor activities to keep us from going crazy.
 Reply by: River_FlyFisher      Posted: May. 23, 7:38:38 PM     Points: 1920    
I'm sure that's part of it Trailerman, but for Jumbo to be that much busier than even Chatfield was on the same weekend is just insane. I don't know if 140 boats is an exaggerated number, but even if it was only half of that, it was a LOT busier than Chatfield was!
 Reply by: Trailerman      Posted: May. 23, 8:20:45 PM     Points: 603    
All those boaters have had enough of chatfield. Itís crazy what keeping people cooped in their houses will do. I think itís just stir crazy people trying to do what ever they are allowed to do. Everyone relax. Things will get back to normal eventually. Itís been a weird 2020 for sure and this thread proves it.
 Reply by: Beavis      Posted: May. 23, 11:37:06 PM     Points: 10    
The word of the day folks is?????óóHOT SPOTTING!!!!!

Read it, Learn it, know it, Love it.óóóDo not tell anyone
of your success, unless all pertinent fishing knowledge remains classified.
 Reply by: Toadfish      Posted: May. 24, 7:37:36 AM     Points: 3794    
If yíall think this is hotspotting, I hope you never see this app called ďFish BrainĒ not only can you list what lake you caught what species on with what bait you were using, but you can actually mark the EXACT spot you pulled the fish out of the water on the apps GPS.

For those of you that canít comprehend this, lemme simplify it...

Redneck A happens to catch a MA class LMB of a lifetime off of a bed (and yes bed fishing for Bass is a thing and very popular, but thatís a different thread). Redneck A then posts his catch to Fish Brain and puts a GPS ping basically on this monster LMB bed and the location shows instantly...
Now Rednecks B-Z can literally walk up to this monster mamas bed and catch her a dozen, 2 dozen times while sheís bedding...

If you think some dude saying ďMan we killed it today at JumboĒ is hotspotting,youíre naive for one thing and obviously have never watched this technological wonder called YouTube...
 Reply by: alann      Posted: May. 24, 8:04:47 AM     Points: 170    
I was boat 140 something according to inspectors on the Sunday in question. Bunch of boats from Nebraska and likely as many from the front range. It was crazy getting on the lake. Wasn't crazy coming off because we are three till almost dusk. I don't believe the lake can handle that kind of pressure. That's a pile of fish taken out of there daily. Tuesday when I was there they were pushing 65 boats.
 Reply by: bron      Posted: May. 24, 8:33:20 AM     Points: 36517    
Toadfish is right. Jumbo is a large reservoir. If I post that Chatfield is on fire right now it could make traffic increase some but so what? Its a big lake and you still need to figure out how to catch them and half the people on here are catch and release. If some FXR guys go to Jumbo and get some walleye for dinner, good for them! Thats why the fish were put in the lake. They werent stocked there for your secret fishing enjoyment. Ive known Jumbo was hot for a month now without this thread...its no secret and this is not hotspotting.
 Reply by: Fishinbud      Posted: May. 24, 12:38:59 PM     Points: 0    
Toadfish, good point about Fish Brain. Another one that I enjoy, is Fishidy, and for when I head down to Louisiana (if you ever get the chance, GO!), Louisiana Sportsman, LAFB Inshore, and Devin Denman, are INCREDIBLE resources, for figuring out how to get onto a HOT bite, without a guide. If you do a little bit of scouting/homework before your trip, it'll be a fishing trip of a lifetime, anywhere from June (for numbers of fish), through November (when the BIG BULL Redfish make their Fall migration, in the millions, where you are pretty much guaranteed to get into some 40-55" fish). The Reds down there fight, like nothing you've ever experienced.
 Reply by: twhart      Posted: May. 24, 3:57:39 PM     Points: 459    
Fishinbud, how dare you and a buddy take 2 limits of fish! That is usually the whining that takes place on here. Like it is a sin to keep fish. Thanks for the report and helpful info even though I usually choose to go to WY if I am going to drive that far.
 Reply by: Fishinbud      Posted: May. 24, 4:12:27 PM     Points: 0    
twhart, thanks man, and all good points. The next time that I drive that far, it'll be to a lake with much better facilities. Haven't fished in WY yet, but it's on the list of things to do, take care, and best of luck.

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