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Lake: Spinney Mountain Reservoir

Hooper! Get those barrels ready!

Post By: setzdahook      Posted: 5/16/2020 1:51:32 PM     Points: 53    
Hello all,
Question for those who have been up to Spinney lately:
1. Are the wave break barrels out by the North Ramp or are they still all piled up around the South Ramp thus making it un-usable for trailered boats? (The South ramp was like this opening day but I have not been back since the opener.
Thanks for any info if you have it.
 Reply by: Budha      Posted: May. 16, 2:43:10 PM     Points: 166    
Still piled up at South boat ramp.
 Reply by: setzdahook      Posted: May. 16, 2:56:50 PM     Points: 53    
Darn it. Thanks
 Reply by: malty falcon      Posted: May. 16, 3:05:33 PM     Points: 6766    
The damed rangers and Aurora Water refuse to put them in,.or open the south ramp because they SUCK BALLS! My boat took on a lot of water at the ramp yesterday and I saw much more carnage to other boats and humans.

Two guys and a boat, two or three hours. It would save thousands of dollars in damages, plus all the pain and injuries that take place there.

How many complaints can we lodge? Here's the number to Elevenmile State Park, where the rangers responsible for Spinney come from. Take a few minutes and give 'em a call! 719/748-3401
 Reply by: MGN      Posted: May. 16, 6:46:36 PM     Points: 428    
Same problem almost every year.
They will say the water is too low but that's bunk. Fished there for 15 yrs and there's plenty of water for the south ramp.

You could post to the Eleven Mile State Park on facebook.

You could also try this guy, not sure if he's still in charge:
Kevin Tobey
Park Manager--Eleven Mile & Spinney Mountain State Parks
Colorado Parks and Wildlife
4229 County Road 92
Lake George, CO 80827
Phone (719) 748-3401

Good luck
 Reply by: malty falcon      Posted: May. 16, 7:41:07 PM     Points: 6766    
Kevin Tobey retired in 2018. But I'll keep raising a stink, to save others from drowning, injuring themselves, and ruining a days fishing due to their supreme LAZINESS.

If you'd like to add your voice to the conversation, please call Gene (Policky) from Spinney Mountain and Elevenmile State Park at
 Reply by: MGN      Posted: May. 22, 1:42:06 PM     Points: 428    
I spoke to Marcy at Eleven Mile Station and she said they are short staffed, and the wind, etc, etc. Told her if she at least doesn't move them and open the south ramp, the holiday weekend is going to be a mess.
 Reply by: SGM      Posted: May. 22, 7:28:04 PM     Points: 14220    
As of today the south ramp is open and the barrels are in place.
 Reply by: finsnfeathers      Posted: May. 22, 8:27:43 PM     Points: 522    
Did it ever cross anyone’s mind that they are short staffed? Be glad you even have a ramp.