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Fish: Rainbow Trout

Fish Finder from a Tube

Post By: FlyFlinger      Posted: 5/14/2020 4:00:58 PM     Points: 0    
I am thinking of getting a portable, hand held fish finder to use while fishing from my tube. I can put it in one of the pockets of my tube, drop the sonar in the water inside my tube (to keep waves from rocking it) and then wait for the fish alarm to go off.
Since I troll with a two-fly rig at very slow speeds, the fly won't encounter the fish for a little which should give me time to adjust the depth.
Anyone else try something like this for Stillwater trout?
 Reply by: JIGORNAUT      Posted: May. 14, 4:34:02 PM     Points: 324    
Not for trout, but crappie and walleye, used it mainly to located fish holding structure/depth. The finder was a fishin buddy, they used to make a holder for them to attach to your tube.
 Reply by: FlyFlinger      Posted: May. 14, 6:56:54 PM     Points: 0    
I want it mostly to see at what depth the trout are holding. They will follow midge hatches from the bottom to the top as the bugs slowly rise. At least that is what I have been told!
 Reply by: Troutfool      Posted: May. 14, 7:07:42 PM     Points: 218    
I used a hummingbird fishing buddy from a tube for years.
Works great, easy to use, and not expensive.
 Reply by: oldblue156      Posted: May. 14, 8:40:17 PM     Points: 1719    
I posted pics and description of my set up in a recent post. Linked below.

[log in for link]

I originally wanted a fish finder on there for the same type of fishing you speak of. Slow trolling/drifting with a 2 fly rig. I typically hang my rigs deep under an indicator and wanted the sonar so I could know my depth and set my indicator accordingly. It has helped me quite a bit knowing my depth and being able to put my flies a foot or 2 off the bottom with confidence.

Since installing it I have found it useful for other types of fishing as well. Knowing water temp has been nice too.