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Lake: Granby Lake

Granby Shore Fishing Advice

Post By: PHILH      Posted: 5/7/2020 3:12:20 PM     Points: 18    
Hello! If one were to shore fish Lake Granby in the coming weeks, what should he try as far as structure and bait/lures? For lakers and/or other trout species?

Or do you suppose the other lakes in that area may be worth trying?

 Reply by: shmiley1      Posted: May. 7, 5:34:00 PM     Points: 2574    
The FS closed the gates and put up barriers/signs at most of the day use parking areas now. They had been open and being used until the last couple of days.
 Reply by: Dsieg      Posted: May. 7, 9:17:06 PM     Points: 190    
Rapalas, crank baits, swim baits work well for lake trout. Spinners, small jigs with a mister twister and tipped with meal/wax worms and good old fashion worms work for browns/bows. As shmiley pointed out, the FS got weird all of a sudden and closed off parking and access in some spots. You might have to park and walk a little further but you can still get out and enjoy the day. Make sure to practice your "social distancing" to not give anyone a reason to hassle you!
 Reply by: PHILH      Posted: May. 8, 7:43:59 AM     Points: 18    
Thanks guys. Should I generally be looking at sharp drop-offs this time of year?
 Reply by: stikbo      Posted: May. 9, 6:41:53 PM     Points: 23    
I talked to a couple FS folks at Stillwater last week and they said they were going to try and open the ramps by today which is before the announced May 15 date. I saw they had hazard markers set out already. Anyone know if the ramps opened early?
 Reply by: shmiley1      Posted: May. 9, 6:45:56 PM     Points: 2574    
They did not open the ramps. The 15th is the current date for stillwater and sunset, along with most other ramps at other waters.
 Reply by: ADub TT      Posted: May. 9, 6:59:43 PM     Points: 399    
Listen to Bernie Keefe on Terry Wickstrom Outdoors - podcast on 104.3 The Fan from this morning, answers all the questions you are asking
 Reply by: Just a Dude      Posted: May. 16, 7:31:06 AM     Points: 0    
Can anyone confirm that the boat ramps opened? The FS website for Stillwater and Sunset still say closed. Thanks!
 Reply by: laker guy      Posted: May. 16, 10:38:46 AM     Points: 0    
They are both open.
 Reply by: Just a Dude      Posted: May. 16, 11:32:08 AM     Points: 0