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River: South Platte - Waterton Canyon

How's the fishing?

Post By: Fishboi3921      Posted: 5/7/2020 9:18:34 AM     Points: 105    
Is the river between chatfield and waterton fishing alright? If so I might head down there with the fly rod later today. Thanks!
 Reply by: briantandrews      Posted: 5/7/2020 10:59:23 AM     Points: 93
It's been closed since mid-March and they haven't posted a reopen date yet. I checked and Denver Water posted an update yesterday just to say they're remaining closed.
 Reply by: Fishboi3921      Posted: 5/7/2020 11:02:04 AM     Points: 105
the stretch that im talking about is not into waterton, but between the lower intlet and lower waterton
 Reply by: Fishboi3921      Posted: 5/7/2020 11:02:51 AM     Points: 105
But man thats a bummer cause thats one of my favorite spring spots
 Reply by: NoNick      Posted: 5/7/2020 11:13:21 AM     Points: 88
So now you can basically be in any indoor venue except restaurants and bars, yet Waterton Canyon will remain closed. For what?! There's no reasoning or logic behind this.
 Reply by: Fishboi3921      Posted: 5/7/2020 11:15:47 AM     Points: 105
exactly, nick!
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