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Fish: Lake Trout

Chambers lake ice off

Post By: AM Fisherman      Posted: 4/29/2020 10:47:15 AM     Points: 884    
Hey everybody, Iím looking for info on generally when chambers ice off is, as Iím hoping to chase a trophy laker when that happens. Any info is aprecciated.

Thanks, AM
 Reply by: TADA32      Posted: Apr. 29, 6:32:14 PM     Points: 15721    
Varies from mid to late may. Sometimes later if the ice is thick enough. I heard someone was still ice fishing up there last weekend. Don't know if that was a 100% true but I could see it happening. Little Laramie road is closed and will be till Aug. So best chances on checking the ice are gonna be from hiking in at the campground gate.
 Reply by: AM Fisherman      Posted: Apr. 30, 10:20:33 AM     Points: 884    
Sweet, thanks for the info.
 Reply by: Karosly      Posted: Apr. 30, 12:45:01 PM     Points: 15    
whats up arlo
 Reply by: skunkmaster      Posted: Apr. 30, 2:56:33 PM     Points: 1030    
Went by nearby Joe Wright yesterday, it was still completely iced, for whatever that's worth. Road into Chambers was still deep snowpacked.