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Lake: Aurora Reservoir

Aurora Entrance Fees

Post By: albacore      Posted: 4/18/2020 12:32:56 PM     Points: 6    
Any one know if they charging entrance fees at Aurora Res?
 Reply by: Nice guy      Posted: Apr. 18, 1:39:01 PM     Points: 0    
They have not been charging at both Quincy and Aurora Res.
 Reply by: albacore      Posted: Apr. 18, 2:12:29 PM     Points: 6    
Great thanks for the update. Any catching going on? I will be fishing from my kayak.
 Reply by: bhooker      Posted: Apr. 18, 5:21:26 PM     Points: 3    
I haven't been to Quincy for a while. Do they have trails to take there ?
 Reply by: wingman13      Posted: Apr. 18, 5:58:02 PM     Points: 806    
They really aren't charging an entrance fee? I looked on their web site, but couldn't find it anywhere. That's great if they aren't!
 Reply by: bhooker      Posted: Apr. 19, 9:05:13 AM     Points: 3    
Call first.
 Reply by: Striider      Posted: May. 28, 3:51:28 AM     Points: 2    
Was Free 5/27/2020
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: May. 28, 5:22:18 AM     Points: 62    
That would be a surprise. I am pretty sure Spinney is owned by Aurora Water and I dont think their price went down. The Skunk Mile is up to $9.00 now.
 Reply by: not too old to fish      Posted: May. 28, 9:24:14 AM     Points: 5235    
Spinney is a state park just like Eleven mile, except no camping allowed.
 Reply by: Nallywacker      Posted: May. 28, 10:59:07 AM     Points: 105    
Shhhh about the freeness!!!! Itís getting crowded, start charging again, to many stupid recreational parties on the water. Cramping my fishing
 Reply by: briantandrews      Posted: May. 28, 12:15:05 PM     Points: 93    
I never visited Quincy while they were charging but did buy my 2020 pass in February and have visited a couple times recently. I've been wondering if there has always been a problem with people not following the no bait rules or if that started/got worse when they dropped the entrance fee. It's sad to see any kind of litter at these places but the worm containers are extra annoying.
 Reply by: footmaster      Posted: May. 28, 2:16:23 PM     Points: 9    
Briantandrews, it's always been a problem at Quincy. Of course, it has gotten worse with the free-for-all, but it's something that needs to be policed more by the rangers.

Nallywacker, I couldn't agree with you more! The free ride needs to end! Both Aurora and Quincy already allow free walk-in access. If anything, the free drive-in access needs to end to ease the congestion in the parking lots. Especially at Quincy!
 Reply by: bhooker      Posted: May. 28, 4:51:26 PM     Points: 3    
Aurora and Quincy will start charging entrance fee starting june first.
 Reply by: Nallywacker      Posted: May. 29, 1:57:57 PM     Points: 105    
great news Bhooker!!!!
 Reply by: MOJO      Posted: May. 29, 7:32:41 PM     Points: 612    
I was canoeing with a friend at Aurora yesterday for the first time, and really enjoyed the free access as a retired guy with no income. Nailed a fat, beautiful bow that hit a leech pattern. It was my observation that this is a huge body of deep water and the number of folks that were there for the wonderfully overcast morning, wasn't going to make any real dent in this fishery. This thing about loving pay to play, seems to be an out of state thing, recently brought here. Don't worry, you'll be paying soon enough.
 Reply by: MJMCPO      Posted: May. 29, 7:44:43 PM     Points: 53    
Went today and they said Monday they will start charging their fees
 Reply by: Nallywacker      Posted: May. 29, 10:10:51 PM     Points: 105    
How was the fishing today MJMCPO?
 Reply by: MJMCPO      Posted: May. 31, 2:22:30 PM     Points: 53    
Fishing was slow and had to battle getting around all the paddle boards. Finally got on some fish and the weather chased us of the water. Got a bass and a trout on a DT10. Still trying to figure out the bass out there but man the trout are aggressive!
 Reply by: MJMCPO      Posted: Jun. 4, 12:40:30 PM     Points: 53    
Hit Aurora again today and they still are charging and the boat inspector didnít say when they would. Didnít catch any bass but did catch a trout on a ned rig. If anyone has some tips on what to get the bass to bite on Iíd be appreciated saw plenty and some giant smallmouth. Everyone loading their boats didnít seem to have much luck either.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Jun. 4, 3:37:18 PM     Points: 7473    
Was at Aurora today and the "no fee" sign was up and no one was in the entrance booth.
Today is June 4th
 Reply by: BobLoblaw      Posted: Jun. 5, 5:23:27 PM     Points: 59    
I suspect they kept it open for one more week because this weekend is free fishing weekend with no fishing licenses required. Its going to be a perfect storm tomorrow. Free admission, no fishing licenses required, sustained winds of 20 to 30 mph with gusts over 50 mph. Paddle boards in the middle when those winds come up not to mention botors unfamiliar with Atowns winds, a great weekend to avoid the place. I asked a ranger if I got a refund for paying for my pass was told no, I am tired of the overflow crowds and idiots out there. Can we make it pay again and thin the herd back to the non free loaders?
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Jun. 5, 6:24:25 PM     Points: 7473    
no fee today . . .june 5th
 Reply by: coloradocity      Posted: Jun. 6, 7:06:12 PM     Points: 90    
Is Aurora on summer hours now or still opening at 6am?
 Reply by: briantandrews      Posted: Jun. 6, 7:25:16 PM     Points: 93    
They're opening at 5:00 am and as of this morning (6.6) there is still no fee
 Reply by: Nallywacker      Posted: Jun. 6, 7:50:56 PM     Points: 105    
Someone tell me the paddle boarders were there in full force today when that gale came through.

Especially the loud b**** that hangs out by bird island and you can hear all Iíve the lake. 😡😡😡 Sheís usually in a red bikini or was last Sunday.

 Reply by: coloradocity      Posted: Jun. 6, 7:57:49 PM     Points: 90    
Thanks Brian!
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Jun. 6, 8:42:48 PM     Points: 7473    
bird island? where's bird island? I've fished Aurora for some time now and seen the lake 10ft down,where is this bird island you speak of?
 Reply by: briantandrews      Posted: Jun. 6, 9:22:24 PM     Points: 93    
No problem coloradocity.

Wonder if bird island is at Quincy, the hand launch area at Aurora was pretty amusing to watch starting around 9:00 this morning. That wind was something else and I'm glad I got my kayak back in the truck when I did.
 Reply by: BobLoblaw      Posted: Jun. 9, 8:41:09 AM     Points: 59    
From the Aurora Reservoir website:

Please note beginning Saturday, June 13 entry stations will resume entry access fees at our reservoirs.
**Please note going into the holiday weekend that the Aurora Reservoir reaches capacity crowds on holidays and some weekends. We will be limiting how many cars can come in. We may also have to limit access through our busiest walk-in gates as necessary to prevent overcrowding during the social distancing restrictions currently in place. Closing these walk-in gates will only be implemented when it is necessary, otherwise they will remain open during normal hours.**

We will not be accepting any new shelter rental reservations at the Aurora Reservoir through June 30 or until further notice. All current reservations will remain on file for the time being.
 Reply by: D-Zilla      Posted: Jun. 11, 8:39:45 PM     Points: 2379    
Heading over there tomorrow morning. Figure I'll take advantage of a free day. Not really fishing for anything specific, just wanting to wet a line and get the kayak wet in the process. As close as I live to that lake, you'd think I'd go all the time, but it's been worse to me than the mile ever was....

Tough nut to crack, but I'm going to give it another squeeze anyway!
 Reply by: GoNe_FiShIn_11      Posted: Jun. 11, 8:46:01 PM     Points: 11880    
Good luck out there
 Reply by: D-Zilla      Posted: Jun. 12, 12:10:43 PM     Points: 2379    
2 little perch....that's it. Lots to see out there, but I was reminded WHY I don't fish there often. Too many people, even with the limits in parking, and day use areas it's a madhouse. I was told this morning that it is for certain they're charging again starting tomorrow (6/13), from the boat inspector (who says Kayaks do NOT require inspections there.) I always stop anyway, just in case as there are always exceptions to the interpretation of the rules.

Nice morning on the water, aside from the wind (which never really let up). Water is clear to nearly 10 feet, didn't see many risers or jumpers but that may have been because of the waves. A LOT of people out there enjoying the last freebie though, so if you're headed that way be ready to wait for it. There was a line at the gate and they were metering traffic through it. The road leading over (Gun Club) is still a mess as well, so leave early if you go that way! I was on the water at 0545, and off at 1130.

Still beats being at work!
 Reply by: Mike8484      Posted: Jun. 15, 11:54:07 AM     Points: 135    
Can confirm that Aurora Res is no longer free.

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