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Lake: Smith Reservoir (Costilla Cty)

Smith Reservior

Post By: seanKR      Posted: 4/9/2020 2:15:10 PM     Points: 0    
Hi all, I'm new to the forum, but wanted to know if anyone has any positive/ negative experiences at Smith Reservoir in Costilla County, CO.

I own 5 acres of land just 10 min. south and to be honest I've never been there myself.

If anyone has any thoughts on the beauty of the area or lack thereof, i'd love to hear your thoughts. All I have to go off of is Google maps at the moment.

Happy fishing!
 Reply by: chodeman      Posted: 4/9/2020 8:08:15 PM     Points: 3802
Welcome to the forum Sean!

I live in Alamosa and just fished Smith yesterday, The lake is stocked annually with rainbows and many grow fat as footballs. It is shallow (deepest part is 12ft) and weed growth can get bad by mid summer. If shore fishing, watch out for rattlesnakes they can be thick in the covered areas. If you are boat fishing trolling is very productive as long as you stay out of the weeds. Small rapalas, flat fish and Tazmanian devils work great! Wind can come in quickly and can whitecap without warning. But when calm, you can catch a lot and what a view of Mt. Blanca!
 Reply by: johnski      Posted: 4/12/2020 4:36:52 PM     Points: 1819
Hey Choderman...where is your source/link of information that said all Costilla County reservoirs are closed to fishing?
 Reply by: chodeman      Posted: 4/15/2020 12:15:35 AM     Points: 3802
Johnski - Just go to and click Local Covid-19 information link.

Here is a picture of the entrance of Smith blocked with a huge dirt burm to keep people out.

 Reply by: Bernie Mack      Posted: 4/15/2020 7:00:36 AM     Points: 92
Watch out for rattlesnakes. I would only fish there in the cold months
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