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Lake: Blue Mesa Reservoir

Ice update

Post By: Al19      Posted: 3/9/2020 1:55:33 PM     Points: 0    
I was wondering if anyone made it out there over the weekend. I'm considering going up Wednesday but it's been pretty warm so I'm concerned I'd be wasting a trip from Colorado Springs
 Reply by: GSOutfitters      Posted: Mar. 9, 2:03:03 PM     Points: 118    
The ice is still really hard and thick. There are a handful of spots that form water on the ice around the edges, so be cautious entering and exiting the ice from the shore. Other than that, the ice is going to be fish-able for a few more weeks
 Reply by: yard dogs      Posted: Mar. 9, 2:40:35 PM     Points: 637    
GSO is spot on - was up on Sunday and fished on a solid 15". Saw a couple spots of water on top of the ice near shore, but the ice should hold up for a while still. There are some serious pressure ridges near the pinnacles / west elk area - I would stay away from those for sure
 Reply by: machz8      Posted: Mar. 10, 10:26:11 AM     Points: 42    
A group of us fished Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Elk Creek, Sapinero and Iola areas. Solid ice as previously stated. Sunday afternoon standing water on top of the ice. The 40-42F weather really diminished the snow pack over the time we were there. Hard and crusty in the morning, but turns soft as the day progresses.

Really concerned about the future of the kokanee being the ones we found are full of lice. Subsequently, the browns were sparse in the spots we've know to hold decent browns. Found plentiful trout, but had to work for them and average size were 10 - 14"..

Ice should hold for several more weeks, but if the warm weather continues it won't be long for the long poles.

Don't forget your sunscreen!