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Lake: Ketring Lake

How's ketring fishing?

Post By: Fishboi3921      Posted: 3/8/2020 10:24:36 AM     Points: 105    
How is ketring fishing at the moment? Since its pretty nice today, I might head out later.
 Reply by: esoxrocks      Posted: 3/8/2020 8:27:49 PM     Points: 2522
Donít know about now but I understand it had a pretty bad die-off last summer. Small pond.
 Reply by: not too old to fish      Posted: 3/9/2020 10:37:46 AM     Points: 9171
I fish this pond (actually a good size lake 15 acres) during the summer evenings and did notice a fall off the last couple of years in the number of bass caught. I did not see any dead fish last summer but I don't fish it every week so it may have had a die off. The fishing has been slower since they poisoned the Eurasian mill foil a few years ago. It was considered an invasive weed and it was a bit of a pain later in the summer but the bass liked it a lot.I will e-mail the biologist at CPW to see if they have any information about the die off.
 Reply by: frankjc913      Posted: 3/9/2020 4:41:32 PM     Points: 251
There was a huge fish die off last year due to a large algae bloom. Easily a couple hundred fish died. Here's a couple pictures I got while doing the cleanup.
 Reply by: not too old to fish      Posted: 3/10/2020 8:55:57 AM     Points: 9171
I heard from Paul Winkle from CPW and they are aware of the fish kill and are stocking the lake with bluegills, bass and catfish every year.
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