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Lake: Blue Mesa Reservoir

Blue Mesa Lake Trout

Post By: Perca      Posted: 3/1/2020 5:19:03 PM     Points: 0    
The Mrs. and I fished the middle bridge area yesterday from about 8:30 until 2:00. We landed a combined 31 mini lakers along with a bonus brown and two lost rainbows that were caught at 55 feet. Kept a smoker load of lakers. Biggest ones were around 20 but most were 14-18. Everything was caught on white tubes fishing over 70 feet.
 Reply by: SGM      Posted: Mar. 1, 8:32:48 PM     Points: 12310    
Good day, Lots of fun there.
 Reply by: chucker      Posted: Mar. 2, 11:29:20 AM     Points: 39    
Sounds good. Trying to make it up there in a couple of weeks. Hopefully there will still be good ice around.
 Reply by: Digginjiggin      Posted: Mar. 2, 5:09:57 PM     Points: 307    
Nice report!
 Reply by: gottafish      Posted: Mar. 3, 10:01:48 AM     Points: 3    
How much snow is on the ice? Nice haul of fish by the way.
 Reply by: Perca      Posted: Mar. 3, 11:01:29 AM     Points: 0    
Patches of hard crusty snow mixed with patches of slick bare ice west of middle bridge. Sapinero looked the same.
 Reply by: yard dogs      Posted: Mar. 3, 11:32:57 AM     Points: 640    
Very nice! Think I will head up Sunday and hit it again. This warm weather may start to work on that ice....