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Lake: Georgetown Lake

Current ice conditions?

Post By: Al B      Posted: 2/16/2020 10:11:10 AM     Points: 2    
Does anyone have any current ice conditions? Much appreciated thanks!
 Reply by: alphaslack      Posted: 2/16/2020 3:49:08 PM     Points: 0    
I last fished Georgetown on 2/1 so this is a bit dated but that said there was 20 inches of hard clear ice on the upstream side of the road bridge. Drilled about 20 holes at it was same everywhere. Ice was slick.

Fishing was decent from 7 am. till 9 and slowed down a bit after that. Small jigs with wax worms both dead sticking and jigging produced the usual medium to small size (14 inch and down) collection of browns and rainbows in 10-12 feet of water.

 Reply by: tdsis      Posted: 3/27/2020 10:07:22 AM     Points: 130    
Hi, Does anyone have some current ice conditions for GT?

 Reply by: thickice      Posted: 3/27/2020 11:12:23 AM     Points: 255    
There are areas of open water. The Georgetown police have been pulling people off the ice.
 Reply by: tdsis      Posted: 3/27/2020 12:23:25 PM     Points: 130    
Thanks thick ice!!!
 Reply by: mountainsurf      Posted: 3/31/2020 12:17:18 PM     Points: 55    
Does anyone have current conditions? Thanks!
 Reply by: chucker      Posted: 3/31/2020 4:02:54 PM     Points: 39    
I drive by there a couple times a week. Have not seen anyone on there for the last 10 days. Lake is really opening at the inlet and the rest of the lake seems to have that rotten ice look. I would probably stay off of it. I was up at Granby last weekend. Ice is still good up there but with these warm temperatures I am sure it will be not safe soon either.