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Lake: Williams Fork Reservoir
Fish: Lake Trout


Post By: riper69      Posted: 2/14/2020 6:41:39 PM     Points: 3362    
Just wondering if anyone has been there or going there for a slush up date
Green mountain and granby are narly with more snow in the next few days
 Reply by: riper69      Posted: Feb. 15, 4:58:01 AM     Points: 3362    
 Reply by: bron      Posted: Feb. 15, 6:14:32 PM     Points: 38411    
Theres a pending report of 4-5" of slush on top of 17" of ice. Thats for Green Mtn.
 Reply by: Dgil1972      Posted: Mar. 1, 3:57:25 PM     Points: 1552    
Any new information concerning slush on WF?
 Reply by: Troutman      Posted: Mar. 1, 5:43:26 PM     Points: 62    
I was at Wolford over the weekend. Not Willys but close by. Wolford had 10”of powdery snow. Almost like sand. Had the Atv out and did hit a couple of pockets of foot deep slush. But could easily avoid.