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walleye ice fishing spots

Post By: Billw23      Posted: 2/13/2020 7:50:18 PM     Points: 2    
Hey guys hopefully one of you guys could help me out and point me in the right direction. Ive yet to ice fish out here and just looking for some good walleye, perch and or crappie lakes that are froze over right now. Any lake reports and locations would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
 Reply by: Ajax5240      Posted: Feb. 13, 7:52:35 PM     Points: 28174    
And... if you could also include your wife’s phone number, her turn ons, your ATM PIN number, garage opener code, and social security number. Hahahahaha
 Reply by: Billw23      Posted: Feb. 13, 7:58:09 PM     Points: 2    
lol i get it, look im not asking for anything specific, just some fishable areas right now with those species. I am from the midwest and im not familiar with the lakes out here.
 Reply by: Ajax5240      Posted: Feb. 13, 8:07:14 PM     Points: 28174    
Couldn’t resist... but in all seriousness. Front range lakes that have walleye also have the most sketchy ice as the temp swings can be wild.

Have to be brave and possibly be able to walk on water to get a hole drilled over one.

Trout likely make up 95% of the fish pulled through an ice hole in Colorado.
 Reply by: Billw23      Posted: Feb. 13, 8:33:44 PM     Points: 2    
Yeah i kind of figured that was the case based on looking around on here. Seems like Aurora is ok, as well as parts of chatfield right now.
 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: Feb. 13, 8:33:45 PM     Points: 50932    
Good one Ajax.
What part of the state are you looking to fish? Like Ajax said the ice on the front range is sketch at best. Last time I was out we were on 2 inchs. Hopefully this cold snap tightens things up a bit but I'm still thinking 4 to 5 inch best case. Up north boyd is always a good go to lake. Boyd has about every species you could want to catch.
A little more info on where your at and how far your willing to travel will probably get you some more info. Good luck!
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Feb. 13, 8:38:01 PM     Points: 6546    
Chatfield for perch,walleyes,trout. Cherry Creek for eyes if you can find the window,Aurora for perch and trout Barr got nothing going on.Boyd if it gets some safe ice. Jackson can be fun if its got safe ice.
As Ajax5240 says . . .most lakes on the front range got unsafe ice or questionable ice.
 Reply by: Billw23      Posted: Feb. 13, 8:54:38 PM     Points: 2    
Thanks for the feedback, Im in littleton and im looking for anything around or under the 2 hour drive range. I planned on getting out saturday with a buddy also from the midwest. Typically if its 3 or more im out there, but the high temp swings out here make me a little more cautious. As for sunday my girl friend wants to go out for her first time, so im looking for any safe ice with good bites really. Again if you guys ever head out to the midwest i could throw a ton of hidden gems your way, just trying to get my bearings out here.
 Reply by: Ajax5240      Posted: Feb. 13, 9:09:54 PM     Points: 28174    
If you’re taking someone like the little lady that is more entertained by quantity of fish than maybe a good fish but.. maybe a skunk. Get some small tungsten jig heads a pack of wax worms, and a pack of meal worms and take her for a ride in the mountains to go catch some trout. Tons of lakes where you can realistically catch double digit fish each in a hour or two.

The eyes, bass, etc are more for days with perfect conditions and lots of patience.

We got lots of snow when the cold hit. So the ice is junk compared to clear hard ice. That white milky stuff would make me double my “minimums”. I.e. if you’re happy normally on 3”. Look for 6”
 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: Feb. 13, 9:10:42 PM     Points: 50932    
I've iced the midwest. Unfortunately you won't find anything here to come even remotely close to the fishing your used to unless you are going after trout. We do know how to grow and manage them around here. I rarely fish down your way but Chatfield and cherry Creek both have a decent walleye population. As for a spot on the lake I'm of no help in that area. If you willing to drive Jackson Lake is a fun place for walleye and wiper with the occasional drum (sheepshead) where your from and a few perch. Best bet is around the south west side of the lake. It's a mud hole so there's not very much structure. I'm hoping st vrain will be fishable soon with this cold snap. There are no trophys there unless your into bass but there are just about every species a guy could want to catch mixed between ponds. I'll likely be swinging by there Saturday on may way home from fishing up north. If it's fishable I'll be sure to submit an update early afternoon.
 Reply by: Billw23      Posted: Feb. 13, 9:46:04 PM     Points: 2    
Yea that was the plan, little tip up for the lady and some jigging with the waxys and im sure she will get a kick out of it. Looking to take her a little more out west for that, trying to get her as comfortable as possible out on the ice. A co-worker suggested Granby, any suggestions for there? As for me i think im going to test my luck at chatfield and ill keep you guys updated as well. Walleyes have always treated me well there. I plan on jigging some sweedish pimples with shiners. Thats my go too, If that doesnt work i plan on trying aurora for the later bite to see how that goes.
 Reply by: Billw23      Posted: Feb. 13, 9:50:47 PM     Points: 2    
Just looked into jackson, i might try there instead and hit aurora on the way home if there's no luck. An update would be greatly appreciated if you do swing by, thanks again.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Feb. 13, 10:06:13 PM     Points: 6546    
Billw23 . . . .give me a call . . .303-431-6190
 Reply by: Basschaser      Posted: Feb. 14, 4:00:08 PM     Points: 1307    
Here's a video from cherry creek made this year
[log in for link]
 Reply by: RogBow      Posted: Feb. 14, 4:44:30 PM     Points: 1663    
I'd say Jackson is too sketchy for anyone other than crazy males that insist and are ok with a possible swim.
 Reply by: ForestGnome      Posted: Feb. 14, 11:42:26 PM     Points: 5    
If you're willing to go around two hours and want to make sure you catch something, trout of course, just take waxies and some jigs out in front of the marina at 11 mile. It's probably just over 2 hours from littleton but it has stockers galore, and 1 in 10 will actually be decent. If you have your second rod stamp set up a tip up somewhere within 150 feet of shore for a chance at a fun little pike.

CPW has been stocking it hard lately specifically to get people like your girlfriend hooked. Just make sure you have a good auger, that ice is extra extra safe right now.

Walleye's you might have to drive a good way north to fin any reliable ice like everyone else has mentioned. Your best midwest style fishing lakes will be to the north east, but those are just as sketchy when the highs randomly hit 50 every other day and the ice thaws and refreezes. We need another good and prolonged cold snap.
 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: Feb. 15, 1:49:55 PM     Points: 50932    
No go on st vrain. I went for a shallow swim this morning.
Billw23. Shoot me an email. Click on my skipper link and it will give you a link to email me.
 Reply by: Kithme      Posted: Feb. 15, 8:18:07 PM     Points: 208    
Glad you were able to dry off Goose.
Stay safe.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Feb. 16, 8:20:46 AM     Points: 6546    
Getting dunked close to shore on your way out sucks.Hope you didn't loss any gear.

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