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Granby snow question

Post By: swamp kitty      Posted: 2/13/2020 8:52:25 AM     Points: 1095    
Headed to Granby on Saturday. Iím debating on method of travel on the lake. Should I even bother with my quad? Any snow accumulation update would be appreciated. Quad or snowshoes?
 Reply by: shmiley1      Posted: Feb. 13, 3:21:48 PM     Points: 2571    
Leave the quad at home, i dont think ittl get you anywhere right now.
I have a good snowmachine and it struggles in some places.

DEEP snow with lots of slush. Over 12 inches of snow with varrying slush underneath, some of it is sled stopping deep. Its been blowing hard all day and has covered over pretty much any tracks.
Weather is supposed to be nice this weekend, if alot of ppl decide to head out i predict alot of problems for some.
 Reply by: swamp kitty      Posted: Feb. 13, 6:13:24 PM     Points: 1095    
Shimely1 thank you very much! Time to walk!
 Reply by: shmiley1      Posted: Feb. 13, 7:03:28 PM     Points: 2571    
Supposed to be sunny and above freezing tomorrow, it could help pack some things down but not much is freezing under 12 inches of snow.
If you plan to walk out, snowshoes would prolly be an asset.

Ive fished during and after the big storm several times and not gotten stuck but its been close a few times. Keep in mind i live up here and fish granby in some of the worst conditions over the years. That experience and a very good machine is prolly the only reasons im not telling you a dig out horror story.
 Reply by: nickoli      Posted: Feb. 14, 1:01:28 PM     Points: 13    
My friend and I are heading up this weekend too and I made a few phone calls to Bernie and Grandby bait and tackle. They are always really nice and informative. They said the same that there is a foot or more of powder and slush 8 inches or so underneath it then 12 inches of ice. They said the best way to get out there and fish it is pack down the area you want to fish with your feet and they also plow the boat ramps as well so easier starting spots there. Sounds like it's going to be a tough weekend to get around up there but possible. Hopefully there's access in my favorite spots! Good Luck!
 Reply by: adrenaline_junkie_ff      Posted: Feb. 14, 3:41:23 PM     Points: 7478    
I played that dig out game for 5 hours last year. Looks like I'm staying home again this weekend. I might hit GMR but even it was slushy Tuesday.
 Reply by: shmiley1      Posted: Feb. 15, 4:36:53 PM     Points: 2571    
Heck of alot better today after that cold wind. Still could get into trouble fairly easy tho. More snow for the next 2 days will change things again.
 Reply by: chucker      Posted: Feb. 15, 9:02:40 PM     Points: 39    
I hit Granby today. Fishing was slow and slush was will bad. Have not experienced that bad of slush on Granby in a long time. Not much fun.
 Reply by: shmiley1      Posted: Feb. 16, 2:45:38 PM     Points: 2571    
More snow of course made it worse.
I dont reccomend anything but DEEP powder machines on the lake, even then dont ride double and dont tow anything.
You have been warned!
I just spent a good 3 hrs getting a friend out. It was not fun and nearly hip deep.