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Safety on the ice!

Post By: Bronco8783      Posted: 1/26/2020 6:45:37 AM     Points: 2123    
Everyone ice fishing in town be careful and take rescue picks. Heard 2 people fell through at Jackson reservoir and 2 people fell through at Cherry Creek the last couple of days. I was at Boyd yesterday and the ice was getting pretty dangerous there by afternoon. So be careful and take any rescue equipment you have. Be safe.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Jan. 26, 7:06:57 AM     Points: 8070    
I fear the end is near . . . .and it look's like Aurora may not get there.
I'm a sad Panda!
Bud . . . . .Bud . . . .where's Bud? LOL!!!!
 Reply by: Eyefishing      Posted: Jan. 26, 10:23:32 AM     Points: 1566    
It looks like Boyd just might be done for the year, that ice is looking scary.
If it opens enough I might take my float tube down to the pump house.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Jan. 26, 12:31:46 PM     Points: 8070    
Eyefishing . . .Please call me this evening.
 Reply by: shmiley1      Posted: Jan. 26, 4:21:34 PM     Points: 2574    
We hold "safety meetings" regularly while fishing. VERY important!
 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: Jan. 26, 8:02:13 PM     Points: 56317    
Saw the guy fall through at Jackson. Fortunately it was only arew feet deep where he went though but it was enough to send him back to the truck.
Good reminder!
 Reply by: ParkerDude      Posted: Jan. 26, 8:25:48 PM     Points: 1206    
Scary stuff. I'm retired and I fish Granby alone a lot. I don't go out until I hear the ice is 6" or 7" of clear ice and don't push it to the end of the season, but it does make one think about the risk of being out on the ice. As they say...shit can happen. I don't own a "float" suit.....might have to make that my next priority.
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: Jan. 27, 2:25:24 PM     Points: 68    
I know you are talking about the risk of falling through-which is real. Dont forget about walking very carefully -bent forward at the knees and having a free hand. I have seen some horrific falls on the slickness. Hard to believe you could get so injured from a slip and fall but you can really splat if not extra careful.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Jan. 28, 5:32:18 AM     Points: 8070    
SirGreg88 has an execlent point. My bone Dr. told me the next time I get broken he can not fix it. I fish at my own risk when it comes to broken bones!
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: Jan. 28, 11:18:55 AM     Points: 68    
I saw a guy who was with his buddies in the parking lot getting ready--excited to try ice fishing. He was out here from the east coast. They trudged out with dude carrying a bunch of stuff by hand. He slipped and did a dancing with the stars pirouette before landing very hard. Broken hip and arm. Check please! Party over. Never got to fish. Cleats are a good idea. I used to ski and play football effortlessly able to take a fall from almost any scenario-no problem. Now-not so graceful and the damage lasts for quite a while. Last week I got an unloading the groceries injury.