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Lake: Jefferson Lake

Jefferson 1-24-20

Post By: Dgil1972      Posted: 1/24/2020 5:30:03 PM     Points: 1412    
Today at Jefferson we made a lot of fresh tracks, especially past the second gate going up. Some fresh snow mixed with drifts made for a fun run up the hill. The big drift near the top is still very passable. After that the snow was quite deep but the riding was smooth. The ice is at least 2ft thick and very hard. We fished primarily in 70 to 85 FOW using white tubes and sucker. The action was fantastic early but died off around 10:30.
 Reply by: Gggg      Posted: Feb. 13, 1:52:22 PM     Points: 0    
So is the gate closed? Too far to drag a a sled, tent, auger etc, that way? Wife, too..
 Reply by: Santiago84      Posted: Feb. 13, 4:29:47 PM     Points: 3797    
Gate is closed. Almost a 4 mile walk into the lake, with the latter half uphill. My wife would never go for it.