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Lake: Turquoise Lake


Post By: Dgil1972      Posted: 1/23/2020 5:12:48 PM     Points: 1552    
Can someone provide current information on the ice thickness and surface slush? We would like to take snowmobiles out soon but don't want to worry about having to dig machines out or wade calf deep in slush/water.
 Reply by: wormer      Posted: Jan. 24, 6:34:54 AM     Points: 85    
were going Saturday ill let you know
 Reply by: dblendc      Posted: Jan. 28, 7:48:35 AM     Points: 256    
Wormer- - - Please let us know how you do!
 Reply by: mxtsinclair      Posted: Jan. 29, 8:25:14 PM     Points: 172    
Just wondering if Wormer was able to make it up there saturday? how was it? Thanks!
 Reply by: cardo      Posted: Jan. 30, 3:11:46 PM     Points: 788    
We were up there January 4th and there was about 14" of good ice and no slush. Around 4-6" of snow on the lake.
 Reply by: ondfritz80      Posted: Feb. 2, 6:39:21 AM     Points: 176    
I just posted an update on the lake's page. On Saturday 01 FEB 2020, I was out there an had a few snow machines go by, I appreciated them packing down a track I could walk on to get back to the shore, because there was 4+ inches of water and slush, but 6+ inches of snow on top of that. The snow mobiles didn't seem to be having any trouble near the dam.