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Fish: Brown Trout

Snowshoeing for Browns and Rainbows! Best GF!

Post By: Team CO.F.F.      Posted: 1/23/2020 2:24:55 PM     Points: 42    
My GF (Sam) and I went up to Grand Mesa recently and snowshoe'd in about a mile...We hit a lake that we've never fished before and it was full of browns and rainbows! My GF wasn't feeling good that day when we woke up but was a trooper and went with me anyway. We landed into a bunch of fish so that definitely helped as well!

Ice Thickness was a solid 13" where we were fishing, with about 2 feet of snow on top of that. No slush though! We were fishing near the part of the lake where the water empties out so the ice wasn't as thick! The weather was sunny and warm walking in, and of course right when we got there a storm started!

Attached are some photos of the fish of the day, as well as a link to the video of our ice fishing adventure! We got some good drone footage that day and had fun with the edits...Hope you enjoy if you decide to check it out!!

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