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Auger blade sharpening

Post By: bouldertrout      Posted: 1/22/2020 12:12:20 PM     Points: 18    
I have a Nils USA hand augur whose blades need sharpening. Does anyone know of a place in CO that sharpens auger blades?
 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: Jan. 22, 12:17:25 PM     Points: 50932    
Not in Colorado, This is who I use and most everyone I know. Dont let someone tell you they can sharpen your nils. Chances are they will screw it up. Costs $ 20 I believe plus shipping. He has a fast turn around time.

Frank DeLuca
5382 Jentoft Road
Saginaw, MN. 55779
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Jan. 22, 12:39:39 PM     Points: 6546    
Contact Niles and ask them . . . .they will tell you to call Frank Deluca . . . .he is one of two places in the country that can sharpen a Niles . . .the other place is in New York state and no one ever says anything nice about them.
Frank bought his equiptment from Niles . . .enough said!
I am super careful about where I drill with my Niles . . .NO Georgetown!!!!!
when I go to drill a hole,I set my auger gently on the ice to prevent the blades from bumping the ice and no need to bear down on the auger . . .let it pull itself down.
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: Jan. 22, 12:54:07 PM     Points: 44    
I would go to Bass Pro or Cabelas to buy an extra set or 2. Its possible these guys know of someone who does it right but my experience has been that they have to do it absolutely perfectly or the balance is out of whack. This makes drilling take more effort and gets frustrating. Never bang your blade on the ice to break off ice/snow. Pretty cheap too. You just need an allen wrench. Wear good gloves when doing the changeover because one slip up will slice you to the bone.
 Reply by: shiverfix      Posted: Jan. 22, 12:59:26 PM     Points: 3732    
SirGreg88, that is true for most augers, but Nils have the blades integrated into the head, so they are expensive to replace.

I had mine done with Frank after I screwed it up trying to sharpen it. Quick and worked perfectly afterwards.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Jan. 22, 2:55:01 PM     Points: 6546    
Sir Greg . . .a Niles auger is cone shaped and the blades are also cone shaped . . .there is no removabale blades like on a Mora auger ,its an auger head and as such,you must have a special machine that only comes from the folks at Niles. Google a Niles auger and see what I'm talking about.You can't run down to your local sporting goods store and buy a set of extra blades for a Niles.You buy a whole new cutting head and they are not cheap.
I treat my Niles cutting head like its made of gold . . . .if you ask me to use my Niles I will most likely say no,but I'll cut you a few holes anyway.
 Reply by: Kenny Rukspin      Posted: Jan. 22, 3:35:12 PM     Points: 5210    
Contact Frank DeLuca. His email address is:

 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Jan. 22, 3:51:16 PM     Points: 6546    
Here are a few pictures of my Niles head . . . .the blades are both straight,but they follow the cones edge.The black cone is also the blades.
 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: Jan. 22, 4:00:39 PM     Points: 50932    
Nils head/blade replacement is $130 bucks.
 Reply by: pike&cats      Posted: Jan. 22, 6:51:51 PM     Points: 24    
Whats the advantage of a nils? Do they drill that much better than a standard auger? Seems like a big headache to get them sharpened so just curious why they are popular.
 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: Jan. 22, 7:05:11 PM     Points: 50932    
I used mine 3 seasons before having it sharpened and it was still sharp. (I fish at least once a week for at least 4 months a year).They cut very fast compared to others I've used. Probably twice as fast as gas augers. The thing I like about the nails is I can put the handle on it and use it as a hand auger where most of the other ones have chipper blades and you can't use them as a hand auger. There also very good quality.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Jan. 22, 7:22:52 PM     Points: 6546    
Pike & Cats . . .when Aurora gets ice,we lay down a checkerboard of holes to follow the schools of perch.My Niles is fast,easy to use and cuts like a winner.I've used all the other augers and like Goose said faster then gas augers and way more quiet than gas. I'm going on my fourth season on the original sharping.
BTW . . . .With UPS as easy as it is,its nothing to box up the head and send it to Frank . . . .do it in the middle of the summer,see how fast its back.
The only draw back to a Niles auger is their idea of a blade guard . . .I tossed it in a corner after one day and now use a small tub that was for icing(like for cakes) its a bit bulky but protects my augers head.
 Reply by: Swampy13      Posted: Jan. 22, 8:16:42 PM     Points: 82    
HP, you are right on the money on that one. The covers for the 8" are a piece of junk. The 6" is ok though.

Someone could make a bundle designing one that would fit right and not crack at the sight of ice.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Jan. 22, 8:45:17 PM     Points: 6546    
Swampy13 I use a small bucket,think wall putty? 12 pound bucket. The Devo hat just don't work for me.
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: Jan. 22, 9:15:03 PM     Points: 44    
Oh I spoke too soon. I have used my Mora Lazer for many many years. It warms me up when I head out before dawn or after sunset. I have had a 2 yr lull in the ice action. Getting old I guess. Becoming a springtime ice fisherman anymore. Not sure if they even sell that model anymore.
 Reply by: wingman13      Posted: Jan. 23, 12:25:31 PM     Points: 788    
To jump on this thread, Is there anyplace locally that will sharpen Mora blades??
 Reply by: brookieflyfisher      Posted: Jan. 23, 12:44:25 PM     Points: 6130    
At about $30 for a set of new mora blades, I'm not sure if it would be worth the time or effort to have mora blades sharpened.

To answer an earlier question, I use nils because it is extremely fast with low effort and it is light. To be fair, the strikemaster lazer is also a dam fine hand auger that is really not that much slower than nils. The newer Lazers are nice because they're even lighter than the nils and come with stuff to convert to a handheld drill or the new strikemaster 40v electric powerhead. So you can get the hand version now and upgrade later, while still maintaining the ability to go back to the hand auger for backcountry trips. I'll also admit the customer service from strikemaster is far superior to NilsUSA, who curiously continue to scale back service for their American customers.

The replaceable blades on the Lazer are nice for convenience sake (no need to wait to the off-season to ship out your blades for sharpening), but at $40 apiece they are, over time, a more expensive option than the nils, even when you buy a backup nils head.
 Reply by: shiverfix      Posted: Jan. 23, 1:09:35 PM     Points: 3732    
I bought a Nils after reading how amazing they are. And it has been a great auger. You do have to get used to the offset handle. It supposedly makes the auger work more efficiently because you are using both arms to turn it instead of just one.

I bought a 6" Mora after I screwed up the blades on my Nils, before I sent them in to be sharpened. It has become my auger of choice. With sharp blades it cuts through the ice very well, and the six inch hole is way easier and faster than an eight inch hole. And we were able to get 2 pound Antero fatties through a six inch hole with just a little bit of effort (getting the head up into the hole).
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: Jan. 23, 6:18:36 PM     Points: 44    
I swear by my old 8 in. My replacement blades last time were nowhere near 40 bucks. Maybe they went up. I doubt that I will outlive that thing. Great product. You must typically buy replacement blades early in the season because they only get them in appx once per yr.. I get through almost as fast as the guys with the power augers. I just have a medium backpack for everything and an old folding chair. Very light load.
 Reply by: MOJO      Posted: Jan. 23, 7:06:18 PM     Points: 529    
Just a heads up that Cabelas has a number of replacement blades on sale right now, Nils and others.
 Reply by: KayakerFishfinder      Posted: Jan. 23, 7:35:21 PM     Points: 13888    
I had a couple of Nils blades sharpened last month. From the time I put them in the mail and got them back sharpened it was less than a week. Attached is his business card he sent back with the blades.

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