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Eskimo Evo 1 for sale

Post By: nodak kid      Posted: 1/12/2020 5:04:04 PM     Points: 362    
I have an Eskimo Evo 1 that I'd like to sell if anyone is interested. I have the travel cover with it as well. Asking $200. North Colorado Springs area. Figured I'd send out a feeler here. If interested respond. Work takes me into Denver frequently so don't let that be a deterrent. Thanks. EH
 Reply by: Crosstrekfisher      Posted: Jan. 13, 7:03:08 AM     Points: 0    

Which Version of the Evo1 is it?

Is it in good condition?

Thank you
 Reply by: nodak kid      Posted: Jan. 13, 12:13:52 PM     Points: 362    
Here is what I have. Used maybe 20-30 days. With travel cover, fully assembled ready to go. It's in good shape. Stored inside.
 Reply by: rjslate88      Posted: Jan. 13, 3:28:31 PM     Points: 5289    
I've got a friend that is looking for a evo 1 but he's not on fish explorer. If you could send me your phone number to my skipper link I will give it to him to get in touch with you. He lives in the springs also.
 Reply by: Abes      Posted: Jan. 13, 5:39:00 PM     Points: 13    
Iím looking for one of those. You get it to Denver and Iíll meet you to pick it up. Email me if you still have it and that works.
 Reply by: Crosstrekfisher      Posted: Jan. 14, 6:26:58 AM     Points: 0    

If you dont sell it, I have cash. I can always meet you somewhere (maybe Monument to pick it up) of if you came to Denver, I work at the DTC and I can just meet you somewhere.

Let me know, please

Thank you