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Lake: Sanchez Reservoir
Fish: Northern Pike

Sanchez Access Great Fishing Terrible

Post By: johnski      Posted: 1/8/2020 5:53:05 PM     Points: 6044    
I finally got to fish this lake today. The county road crew did a fabulous job and plowed the road to the rest rooms and parking area. Blue skies and hit it hard for 3 hours. In that time, a bazillion marks as fished passed beneath. Unfortunately, I believe them all to be carp, and they showed absolutely NO INTEREST in my plastic bait and mealworm. Two locations and three hours produced ZERO bites and fish.

Water visibility is about 3 feet and has a greenish hue to it. I fished 18 and 26 FOW with nothing to show. Others have been there icing it too. Don't know how they did. Where I fished, ice was 14 inches thick. Picture is of a Great Blue Heron ice fishing like me with no tangible results. I guess days like this help define the wonderful days with limits of fish!
 Reply by: GoNe_FiShIn_11      Posted: Jan. 9, 7:11:09 AM     Points: 14121    
Glad you made the trip. Too bad the fishing wasn’t as good as the scenery. You never know until you know. Thanks for sharing.