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Lake: Wolford Mountain Reservoir
Fish: Kokanee

Great way to start 2020

Post By: SGM      Posted: 1/2/2020 10:32:02 AM     Points: 10934    
Met my son at 0700 New Years Day to start the year off right. It was a nice day but the fishing was pretty slow. Not much around the boat ramp area so we went down to the dam. Our luck did not improve much with only a few hits and one small bow. Went back to the boat ramp area and tried a bit farther south by the cliffs. Action improved but was not hot. Ended up with 9 fish each, 12 rainbows, 5 kokes and 1 cutbow about 17 inches. Kokes where all old dark 4 year olds. 3 where still OK for the smoker but the other 2 where to far gone. Snowed on and off most of the day but was still a great way to start 2020. I was really surprise that we did not see another soul at the lake all day. Ice was about 9-10 inches everywhere we drilled with 3-4 inches of snow on top.
 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: Jan. 2, 10:33:30 AM     Points: 50932    
Nice russ!
 Reply by: skiman      Posted: Jan. 2, 1:04:19 PM     Points: 2308    
Way to start 2020! Doesnít get much better than that does it? or no fish!
 Reply by: bharper      Posted: Jan. 2, 1:15:10 PM     Points: 217    
Nice job guys! Looks cold!❄️🎣🍻
 Reply by: GoNe_FiShIn_11      Posted: Jan. 2, 2:02:01 PM     Points: 10032    
Thatís a way to start the new year. Congrats
 Reply by: bron      Posted: Jan. 2, 6:18:37 PM     Points: 33647    
Great start to 2020 Russ!
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: Jan. 2, 6:24:26 PM     Points: 55350    
dang ice weirdos.
 Reply by: SGM      Posted: Jan. 2, 7:42:01 PM     Points: 10934    
Thanks guys, even you AWB. It was fun and not even cold. Good luck to all this year.
 Reply by: catfishking      Posted: Jan. 2, 8:28:16 PM     Points: 742    
Nice job I plan on being there Saturday