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Lake: Aurora Reservoir

Aurora ice conditions

Post By: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 12/29/2019 1:50:09 PM     Points: 7090    
I did a little homework on the ice (or lack of ice) at Aurora today. I checked out both Seanack and Lonetree.Seanack had a few patchs of ice in the very rear of the cove and they were broken up by open water. NOT ICE FISHABLE!
Lonetree had a skim of ice from the rear of the cove out 50 yards,once again THIS IS NOT FISHABLE ICE!!!
I did not put this up as a conditions report because its just an update and by no means is it a condiotion report.
Stay safe folks!

 Reply by: Pitbull44      Posted: 12/29/2019 6:02:06 PM     Points: 155    
Thanks for the info - was planning on taking a trip out myself with this cold snap but will wait until next weekend.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 12/29/2019 6:04:18 PM     Points: 7090    
Pitbull44 . . .unless we have sub zero temps at night and cloudy below 20 days . . .we might not see ice till late Januray.
 Reply by: IceFishingFool      Posted: 12/30/2019 9:27:17 AM     Points: 9473    
another shorter season looks like
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 12/31/2019 7:35:00 AM     Points: 7090    
Here is a picture I took from outside Lonetree . . .if you go up the bike trail to the new gate . . . .I'm two houses south of the gate,looking to the east/north east.You can see the ice to the right of the trees.
 Reply by: ricky rick      Posted: Jan. 11, 9:53:14 AM     Points: 0    
HP, any ice update at Aurora?
 Reply by: coloradocity      Posted: Jan. 11, 11:34:17 AM     Points: 90    
I drove out yesterday, I'm thinking maybe next month if we get some cold weather! The little bit of ice I saw I wouldn't think about stepping on!
 Reply by: The Cat001      Posted: Jan. 11, 11:54:11 AM     Points: 368    
I was out at Aurora Reservoir yesterday morning on the dam doing a little shoreline fishing while I waited for my dog to get done with his grooming appointment. There was no ice anywhere as far as I can tell. It was all open water. If there was any ice it was to the east and south and just skim ice at best I'd say.
 Reply by: coloradocity      Posted: Jan. 11, 12:17:46 PM     Points: 90    
There's a patch in the corner of Senac Cove but I was stepping on it! :)
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Jan. 11, 12:45:09 PM     Points: 7090    
There is a card in the deck no one is thinking about. If the powers to be fix the problem at Rampart and the water department get to filling the lake(instead of the level its at now) we could find ourselves with an expanding shore line and that's going to make for unstable ice . . .it might even keep the lake ice free!
The last time I took the boat out (end of Nov) the water was being pumped in . . .but it was not filling the lake,it was only keeping it at the same level.
Time will tell!
 Reply by: Pitbull44      Posted: Jan. 11, 6:10:05 PM     Points: 155    
Man this is taking much longer than I anticipated. Bring on the perch!
 Reply by: coloradocity      Posted: Jan. 13, 11:31:56 AM     Points: 90    
Hawaiian Punch you might on to something, I might have to look for another place for Perch!
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Jan. 13, 11:59:13 AM     Points: 7090    
New thread started

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