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Lake: Old Dillon Reservoir

Ice Fishing Old Dillon Reservoir?

Post By: agt      Posted: 12/12/2019 7:11:22 PM     Points: 70    
Wondering if youíre allowed to do this, or if itís prohibited. Thanks
 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: 12/12/2019 7:27:34 PM     Points: 77540
I'de try the Dillon Ranger District (970) 468-5400
Ide never even heard of the lake. I was able to find info on fishing but it didn't say anything about the ice season. Quite a few websites talk about fishing but notho g ice specific. If you find anything out report back and we can get it updated on the lake page!
 Reply by: GoNe_FiShIn_11      Posted: 12/12/2019 8:15:11 PM     Points: 11162
Nothing so far about ice fishing. Probably not an issue but i would check with Dow first.

[log in for link]

Might be worth the hike
 Reply by: Perchpatrol      Posted: 12/15/2019 7:57:26 PM     Points: 570
Do it and let me know if those goldens are getting big yet!
 Reply by: skiman      Posted: 12/15/2019 10:22:53 PM     Points: 2825
Just a reminder...flies and lures only at Old Dillon.
 Reply by: Wacokid57      Posted: 12/16/2019 8:13:06 AM     Points: 11
The goldens that were destined for Old Dillon ended up in North Pond, because there was a delay in refilling Olde Dillon. I got this from Jon Ewert a few years ago. I have no idea if they managed to get some more goldens, and stock them the following years, or not. But the original planned stocking did not occur.
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