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Lake: Dillon Reservoir

Ice yet? Safe?

Post By: cindimarti      Posted: 12/5/2019 8:07:26 AM     Points: 90    
I am looking for any current updates in ice and conditions. Itís been several years since I have fished Snake River inlet. Bringing a friend who is nervous to go on ice. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.
 Reply by: dasflikken      Posted: 12/5/2019 8:17:36 AM     Points: 5717    
There's 3-4" of crust on top of 7" of good clear ice on the snake river inlet, you're good to go.
 Reply by: Assassin      Posted: 12/5/2019 8:20:45 AM     Points: 1069    
I was there on Sunday and there were a lot of people there. 7" ice. Stay near the parking lot to play it safer, you can see open water further out.
 Reply by: Trotline      Posted: 12/5/2019 11:26:42 AM     Points: 887    
Was there yesterday. Ice around 7 inches with 2 inches of snow on surface. It was 15 degrees when we arrived at 8 AM and mid 30s when we left at 2 PM. Caught a bunch of bows, kokes and one char. Biggest koke was just short of 14 inches. Bows were around 9 inches and the char was around 16 inches. Six fisherman on the ice early than around six more showed up at 11 AM.
 Reply by: cindimarti      Posted: 12/5/2019 2:59:53 PM     Points: 90    
Thank you for info. Much appreciated See ya on Sat.
 Reply by: just wanna catch      Posted: 12/11/2019 7:21:39 PM     Points: 208    
Is this all in the snake river inlet area? Or it the bigger part of dillon iced over near marina side?? Thanks in advance