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Evergreen ice

Post By: tfotrout      Posted: 12/1/2019 1:19:21 PM     Points: 1449    
Anyone know if evergreen is getting close to being fishable?
 Reply by: skiman      Posted: 12/1/2019 8:13:34 PM     Points: 2332    
Saw on the news that someone was icing it yesterday. No info on ice thickness or the bite, but there was definitely a guy sitting on a bucket with rod in his hands. Ski
 Reply by: tfotrout      Posted: 12/1/2019 9:43:21 PM     Points: 1449    
Thanks ski
 Reply by: Santiago84      Posted: 12/2/2019 11:08:35 AM     Points: 4130    
If you zoom in, it looks like two guys are out there this morning and that hole in the ice closer to the bottom edge looks man made. Still looks a little sketchy for me.