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Fly Rods Combos

Post By: i2fly      Posted: 11/28/2019 9:37:00 PM     Points: 1887    
Hey guys, nobody probably ever noticed that that I fly fish. So if anyone is looking for a backup fly rod, or a entry level beginner rod that isnít junk. Sportmanís will have some TFO NXT combo rods on sale tomorrow. They are 50% off. Pretty good opportunity... I like to see my fishy friends get these. I hope this helps someone out.
 Reply by: Assassin      Posted: 11/29/2019 8:02:35 AM     Points: 1069    
thanks for the heads up, I was thinking about taking up fly fishing this spring and have been wondering bout a good beginner setup. For $100 ill have to check it out, I am headed there today anyway hopefully they have one!
 Reply by: i2fly      Posted: 11/29/2019 5:32:07 PM     Points: 1887    
They added a St Croix combo. 5wt 9í to the sale! Limited quantities. Also at $100
 Reply by: Assassin      Posted: 11/29/2019 5:50:33 PM     Points: 1069    
Dang I didnt see the st croix one. Bought the temple fork one though! Just need to figure out how to use properly now lol. Only fly fished a couple of times then broke my rod and never went again
 Reply by: i2fly      Posted: 11/29/2019 6:25:17 PM     Points: 1887    
Thats cool you got a rod! Read any material you can find of Lefty Krehís techniques. That you can google up. The man was a master at casting. Then most importantly go practice. The casting stroke is all about timing.! Have fun... i2
 Reply by: Assassin      Posted: 11/29/2019 6:29:52 PM     Points: 1069    
 Reply by: Matt      Posted: 11/29/2019 7:29:29 PM     Points: 42846    
Good stuff. I really like TFO gear, I have a couple rods of theirs I use. They also donated a rod years ago and signed it for Ed Dentry and we gave it to him for his retirement from Rocky Montain News. Nice guys and good rods.
 Reply by: ADub TT      Posted: 11/29/2019 9:28:01 PM     Points: 399    
Don, Iím looking for a smallish fly reel for a 4W St Croix rod I received as a gift earlier this month. You have any for sale-barter in your bag of tricks? Allan
 Reply by: Abel1      Posted: 11/30/2019 8:40:05 AM     Points: 206    
TFO's are great rods. I have a 4 piece that I use for back packing. I love that rod! I could use another. Thanks for the heads up!
 Reply by: Anteroman      Posted: 11/30/2019 10:01:48 AM     Points: 5167    
Yes I have to agree with Don on this one, I have three of the high end fly rods that we see in the ads.
The last three rods Iíve purchased were all TFOíS, the Lefty Kern model in 5wt at 8í 6Ē. To be 100% honest, for lake fishing from a tube, toon or boat I find these rods work just fine. I still love my Scott for throwing dry flies but the TFO at $100- 150 are fantastic. I had a guest break one this year and $35 got me a new top section, ( This was a two piece model) they will repair or replace any of their rods for $35 lifetime warranty.
Donít forget to put rod floats on your rods especially if your fishing two of them.
 Reply by: Anteroman      Posted: 11/30/2019 10:10:23 AM     Points: 5167    
Allan, I have a three wt. I donít use your more than welcome to it if you want it.
Itís in Colorado so youíll have to wait until Spring when the waters soft.
 Reply by: ADub TT      Posted: 11/30/2019 3:57:05 PM     Points: 399    
Bill, your generosity is always top shelf, please put my name on it! Bottle of Stranahans oughta cover the fee?! ADub..
 Reply by: winstongreen      Posted: 11/30/2019 4:11:10 PM     Points: 0    
Save your money and buy a better rod than a TFO.
 Reply by: i2fly      Posted: 11/30/2019 8:20:17 PM     Points: 1887    
Hey Winston the very high end rod is not everyoneís nitch . I get what youíre saying...thatís not in everyoneís means either. I have several top of line Sage. But thatís me. Also I said backup rod or a good entry level rod. That isnít junk. They are not... and a hundred off is pretty cool.

Yep, Bill was there when my favorite rod flew off the boat. Heís is right never let go of your rod. New that set up was $1300.00 I almost chocked to death... lol be very cautious if you donít have floats on them.

Sorry I couldnít help myself. Summer time pitching dries. My goodness the big guy watched over me. I had many great days.... Don
 Reply by: tfotrout      Posted: 11/30/2019 9:05:47 PM     Points: 1449    
I love my TFO BVK Rod. Itís always been good to me and their warranty is awesome.
 Reply by: Anteroman      Posted: 12/2/2019 8:24:25 AM     Points: 5167    
A dub,
No Stranahans required, I have one in the cabinet though, so we can check it out.
 Reply by: brookieflyfisher      Posted: 12/2/2019 10:09:05 AM     Points: 6130    
Here's an unrequested opinion, but it's something I notice every time the subject of TFO rods comes up.

I'd guess one of the biggest differences in gear between fly guys who primarily fish lakes and guys who primarily fish rivers is the affection for TFO rods. There's something about TFO rods that river guys like me don't really like, even though the lake guys sing their praises all day. I think it's because TFO rods, especially the BVK, have a stiff tip section compared to other brands, so it feels like you're casting with the middle part of the rod. I bet it feels great for big hucks, but IMO that design just kills accuracy and touch.

So I'll swear up and down that you're going to get a better beginner rod for the money ($100-300 range) from Echo, Orvis, Redington, St. Croix, or Loop, but that's just likely due to a difference in where I fish.

TLDR: test-drive your fly rod before you purchase.

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