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Lake: Jefferson Lake


Post By: RM Fan      Posted: 10/7/2019 7:20:25 PM     Points: 94    
Planning to head up to Jefferson tomorrow AM and looking for current updates. Last I seen water was low due to issues with the dam.
 Reply by: Wacokid57      Posted: 10/8/2019 3:15:56 PM     Points: 11    
You might try calling the Ranger District at

South Park Ranger District 719 836-2031.

If you do call, please post the info!
 Reply by: Deasil      Posted: 10/8/2019 5:20:48 PM     Points: 0    
Hey what were the conditions??? Is the gate already closed?
 Reply by: RM Fan      Posted: 10/8/2019 8:50:30 PM     Points: 94    
All gates are open no issues getting in and up to the lake. First parking lot is closed due to work on the dam.
Nice day slight breeze with a little wind from time to time but not bad for Jefferson. We arrived around 8:30 water level was very low I'm guessing 20ft.
Fishing was good using bait I caught 3 bows and 3 small lakers. I threw every lure I had including rainbow rapalas and caught nothing or had any follows.
Great day to go fishing!
 Reply by: Wacokid57      Posted: 10/9/2019 10:20:14 AM     Points: 11    
So it looks like the boat ramp is high and dry....What was the exposed lake bottom like at the bottom of the ramp? Could a couple of guys carry a small boat to the water at the bottom of the ramp?
 Reply by: RM Fan      Posted: 10/9/2019 5:22:00 PM     Points: 94    
Wacokid57 I watched a few people launch from there without a problem.
 Reply by: Wacokid57      Posted: 10/10/2019 11:28:25 AM     Points: 11    
Thanks RM Fan. Good photos.
 Reply by: Deasil      Posted: 10/19/2019 11:26:13 PM     Points: 0    
Thanks man.... do you think the Lakers are spawning yet?
 Reply by: fishaddict1123      Posted: 11/30/2019 8:40:32 AM     Points: 115    
Was planning on going up next weekend to hit the ice. Can you use the snowmobiles to get in or walk. I've never been here but wanted to check it out any info would be helpful thank you
 Reply by: dasflikken      Posted: 11/30/2019 9:32:12 AM     Points: 5717    
Santiago84's post didn't indicate how he got there, but if you hike it, it's miserable. It's the steepest part of the road in and it's 1.7 miles from the second gate to the lake. I'd love to know if you can snowmobile it yet.
 Reply by: Santiago84      Posted: 11/30/2019 12:29:57 PM     Points: 3970    
Oh yeah, sorry. I rode a snowmobile into the lake. There is about 6-12" of snow on the road all the way up from the first gate. At least there was. They closed Kenosha pass last night for high winds. There was zero wind on the lake yesterday, but I got out of there around 1:00
 Reply by: fishaddict1123      Posted: 11/30/2019 8:24:03 PM     Points: 115    
Awesome!! Thank you for your help. I guess I'm going to try next weekend then. Did you have any luck
 Reply by: fishaddict1123      Posted: 12/6/2019 8:34:49 PM     Points: 115    
Hows the ice out on Jefferson and is the road still snowy enough to sled in on a snowmobile??

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