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Still pitching dry flies...Til the wind.

Post By: i2fly      Posted: 9/11/2019 10:27:27 AM     Points: 1783    
After prowling around in my favorite spot to no avail. I headed over to another good area. As soon I got into position I saw what I came for. A soft surface disturbance within 20’ of me. I flipped my flies in the water and quickly raked off more line and threw them within a couple feet of the rise form rings. I waited about 10 seconds and wham my hopper disappeared in a splash. I netted the fish and moved over to the next feeding fish. This one tried my patients after making 4 casts and nada. I moved over again to other feeding fish. I saw 3 more to my right. Something said throw back to the other fish instead. I did and Wham she ate the callibeatis.

At that time, here comes a guide with 2 clients walking in on restricted ground. This bothered me because if one breaks the rules more will. Guides know better. I took great delight in pulling 2 more fish out from under there noses on dries. While his clients caught nothing nymphing....
PS.... the other 2 fish were on the Callibeatis too. The wind came up and the dry bite was over for this day. A little eye candy.
 Reply by: Ajax5240      Posted: Sep. 11, 10:30:17 AM     Points: 26993    
Good lord those things are thick!!
 Reply by: skunkmaster      Posted: Sep. 11, 11:44:32 AM     Points: 1014    
Way to go, Don! Those are oinkers, what fun to hook 'em on top. Am just now getting to contemplate possible S Park or other angling adventures over the next several weeks, too many family and other commitments so far this summer . . .
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: Sep. 11, 11:59:06 AM     Points: 31    
Ahhh! Youre killing me over here. Cant break away from the office! Nice slabs!!!
 Reply by: skiman      Posted: Sep. 11, 1:16:37 PM     Points: 2033    
What did you mean by “restricted ground?”
 Reply by: i2fly      Posted: Sep. 11, 1:39:14 PM     Points: 1783    
Ajax, They were on a bird sanctuary island. Guides should know better and follow the rules. There are signs... did they hurt anything no. Should they have been there no!
 Reply by: VINNIE      Posted: Sep. 11, 5:31:40 PM     Points: 730    
Glad to here the callis are still around. Had a fun trip to South Fork floating the Rio Grande. Hopper dropper got their attention. I'll be at Spin on Monday for a few. See ya up there..
 Reply by: bharper      Posted: Sep. 12, 8:09:41 AM     Points: 197    
What a beautiful beast! Congrats! 🎣🎣🍻
 Reply by: Wacokid57      Posted: Sep. 12, 10:40:34 AM     Points: 11    
how full, or empty, was the lake? BTW, very nice fish!
 Reply by: Anteroman      Posted: Sep. 12, 10:59:44 AM     Points: 4086    
Pretty pigs in the net nice work Don, it’s been a tough week since the hailstorm flash flood went through and it definitely has affected the S.P. Lakes, big reversal from the previous three weeks or so.
Spinney is now down about three to four feet, the website said 93% full Sept. 5th but it’s down from that. Antero wasn’t much better based on yesterday’s outing. Hopefully things will settle down and the bite will be back on?
 Reply by: skunkmaster      Posted: Sep. 16, 9:01:32 PM     Points: 1014    
Got back today from 3 days of South Park, 1 on Antero, then 2 of the best weather days ever on Spinney. Only landed 3 fish at Antero on Friday, best of those was 19 inches, on one of i2Fly's leech patterns that he gave me.

Spent Saturday and Sunday on Spinney, looked for dry fly action. Calli's, caddis, and a smaller olive mayfly, and of course midges, were the hatches observed.

As for dry fly attempts, couldn't get any menu takers on my calli dries, although rises were very scattered and hard to get close enough to, but did get a bunch of casts close enough to make me feel ignored. Switched to a mayfly spinner below a hopper at one point and had two promising boils right at the flies, but nothing there on the hookset, so am guessing refusals. Dropped a calli nymph about 18 inches below a hopper and caught two portly specimens that took the dropper, both about 21 inches (in the measure net, so reasonably accurate). Finally had one take a hopper, just after I tossed it out and started digging for my sandwich, 22 inches.

I had more luck overall with a shallow rigged indicator set-up, with one of i2Fly's leech patterns he gave me, with calli nymph or two below. Had about half eat the leech, other half took the calli nymph. Best was a 24 incher (ok, probably more like 23 3/4 so I'm exaggerating some . . .)(see lap dance pic attached).

Over the 2 days, landed 10, and lost about 15 others that hooked up, 2 who dug down in the weeds and got unhooked that way. Overall, it was a grand ol' time. I need more schoolin' on dry fly fishing, apparently. Thanks go to i2Fly for suggestions and that leech.
 Reply by: idlerick      Posted: Sep. 16, 10:43:54 PM     Points: 4    
I fished Antero Friday as well. I must have found a better area - 3 browns, 15-20 cutbows, and a 12" sucker. 95% on midge pupae.
I just don't enjoy the 1X dry fly brown salad fishing, so stayed in the cleaner areas on 4X/5X. Nothing big, but all 16-19" and most jumped multiple times. Very few came off once stuck. First good day in a while there for me, what with all the hot weather and calm seas.
Zero damsels, a handful (a small handful) of calli duns, and tons of spinners blown past me from the shallows when the wind came up. (No fish in there taking advantage for ?? reason.) But lots of midges flying and risers eating them. Suspect the hatches are done, the spinners fading fast, and time to innovate.
 Reply by: skunkmaster      Posted: 10:56:59 AM     Points: 1014    
Thanks, idlerick, that's good info. I had a size 14 black snowcone on for a good bit, thinking chiros should be on the menu with all of the big and medium size midges flying around. Part of my problem on Antero, aside from not knowing much about good areas, was I got on the water just after noon on Friday, just before the whitecaps started, which ran me back to shore after about an hour, but then I did get back out later for a couple hours, and spent too much time exploring, in apparently less productive areas. Can I ask how deep you were running the midge pupae, as well as size and color?

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