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Ah man, snagged my new lindy harness day 1 ->kill trolling motor ->reel continues to scream?

Post By: G-Lo      Posted: 8/23/2019 4:36:36 PM     Points: 353    
At this point Iím thinking, is the boat still drifting away? Felt like a log and like it may snap at any the trolling motor is in reverse...Iíd like this rig back dam it...a standstill...ok, it was a snag...I think I see the floating log. darn. I do the universal rod straight up to see if maybe I have a fish that got snagged? Bend! Bend! Oh snap the logs running! I was heading toward the ďsnagĒ and this log almost took all of my line twice over about a 10 minute fight. Oh the possibilities that passed through my mind...still a LEGIT fish in the end and worthy of the master angler!
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 8/23/2019 4:44:07 PM     Points: 6546    
Ain't that a blast?
I've had that happen a few times the yr.
Who says Carp are vegitarins .
 Reply by: bron      Posted: 8/23/2019 6:09:35 PM     Points: 33587    
Way to go! Im sure you had a blast landing it.
 Reply by: G-Lo      Posted: 8/23/2019 6:26:42 PM     Points: 353    
It was a heart tester for sure! Still canít believe it happened trolling, I was praying for the unicorn trout or walleye haha

 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 8/23/2019 7:19:17 PM     Points: 6546    
G-Lo . . .have you thought about building your own Lindy rigs or crawler harness's. I tie my own.They cost about 50 cents or so.Takes the sting out of losing rigs.
I can dial you in on how to tie them.
 Reply by: G-Lo      Posted: 8/23/2019 7:52:06 PM     Points: 353    
I sure have! Iíve got some beads and bead floats coming. I need to find some good blades, I was thinking bass pro is the only place Iíve seen them so Iíll have to brave the traffic or order Online. Iíve watched a ton of videos and read stuff but thatís about it. Iíd appreciate any help.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 8/23/2019 8:07:59 PM     Points: 6546    
Give me an hr of your time. I'll have you making your own in no time at all.I'll show you the way to tie them and share my bead and blade sources. I use a knot tying tool call a "Tie-Fast" it makes a snell fast and easy.Try to buy a "pool noodle or two before they are all gone. (they make great harness holders) hook your harness to the noodle and wrap the line around the noodle then pin the end down with a sewing pin.I can wrap 15 to 20 per 14 in noodle piece.
You can get all the blades you want on line.Truth be known . . .I'm getting away from beads and blades . . .the eyes around here have seen so many bead/blades rigs,I think they are gun shy.
I'll show you what I'm using,when we get together.
 Reply by: malty falcon      Posted: 8/23/2019 8:23:46 PM     Points: 6202    
Wowee, that look like a blast! I love it when the "snags" start swimming away.
 Reply by: G-Lo      Posted: 8/25/2019 6:04:04 PM     Points: 353    
Ya that sounds great HP! letís find a time to link up!
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 8/25/2019 6:31:08 PM     Points: 6546    
email will be sent shortly. I burned up a bunch of harness today at Aurora. i'll be tying more this week.Lets kill two birds with one stone.