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SUPers Must Be Superhuman

Post By: MOJO      Posted: 8/22/2019 6:12:49 PM     Points: 489    
Just got back from canoeing Gross Res this morning with the wife and was simply amazed at how many SUP folks do it without vests, given the water temp and gusts that were forcing any vessel to contend with. One lady even had a crying infant aboard and had no vest.
I could go on and get down but I'd suggest that we all forward any message of caution before one of us has to aid in a rescue. cheers all
 Reply by: skiman      Posted: 8/22/2019 8:10:57 PM     Points: 2308    
It is incredible how clueless some people are with regard to the danger they expose themselves, (and others), to on a regular basis.
I guess itís just a matter of time before someone drowns and the surviving family members hire a lawyer to sue the SUP manufacturer because they didnít tell the user it was unsafe to use their product without a PFD!
Just saying...
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: 8/22/2019 9:27:26 PM     Points: 44    
Sue your parents and every school attended. Hehe.
 Reply by: Gunny Airborne      Posted: 8/22/2019 10:44:48 PM     Points: 3987    
I see it regularly up at grand.

I will never understand what they are thinking. I was at chatty and saw that woman who died a couple years ago.

If I remember correctly, she was a doctor. Thatís almost as high as it goes for education.

Itís mind boggling.
 Reply by: riper69      Posted: 8/23/2019 7:22:45 AM     Points: 2877    
Book smart
Common sense
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 8/23/2019 7:41:21 AM     Points: 6546    
I see on TV shows like Northwoods Law,that in Main you need a drivers license to operate a snowmobile. I'd like to see some sort of "water safety" card for everyone(SUPs,boaters,kayack,) This problem is getting bigger by the season.The companys selling all this equiptment(Bass Pro,Cosco,Sams,REI,Walmart,Kowiesukkie,Yammaha,Honda,Seado) don't care who buys their stuff and sure don't teach safety to their customers.You want to see it first hand? Go to C.C. and ask the ranger on the boat to take you along for 1 hr.
That poor guy or woman never stop pulling people over . . .the only peace they get is lunch.
 Reply by: skiman      Posted: 8/23/2019 11:41:19 AM     Points: 2308    
Agreed HP,
Retailers donít care to initiate any kind of additional follow up once the product is paid for and out the door! Why should they if CPW doesnít require any?
Perhaps a safety sticker program for ALL watercraft would be in order. A nominal fee could be charged with the purchase of any SUP, canoe, kayak, or boat to fund the program. The same would apply to ATVís, snowmobiles, and dirt bikes etc.
Why should it just be the extra tax on hunting and fishing gear when these folks utilize the same resources?
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 8/23/2019 12:54:31 PM     Points: 6546    
It should be like a Hunter Safety Card,if it floats . . .you gots to have one.
You should have to attend a class (no online) pay for said class and take a test to prove you learned something. Oh . . . .I'm sorry.My reality side is talking again.The CWP is overworked as it is.
Wait a sec . . .they could keep all the ANS inspectors on in the winter and have them teach the class. JK!
 Reply by: malty falcon      Posted: 8/23/2019 2:15:21 PM     Points: 6202    
It's natural selection, leave them be! I saw one out on Blue Mesa on Wednesday while I was up on plane scooting around the narrows. I sure didn't slow down for him/her whoever.

We surely don't need more prohibitive laws for SUPers. Helmets and seatbelts save lives, but they are not actively enforced on the roads. I do not want more officers patrolling the lakes and rivers for whatever infractions I may commit, and not wasting resources patrolling for "lawless SUPpers either. I believe I know what I'm doing, and they probably feel the same way about their activities, and do not want you and me telling them how to behave on the water.

All this being said (written), I'd save them if they were in distress. My friends SUP, and one of them has his own SUP brand (Badfish).
 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: 8/23/2019 6:03:24 PM     Points: 50932    
Hp. I absolutely agree on the licensing to use a water craft. Not so the state can make money off of us but to educate people. Backing a trailer should be included on that.

Mf I agree on the natural selection also but don't know If I could sleep at night if I left some ediot on the lake.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 8/23/2019 7:32:03 PM     Points: 6546    
Trailer backing . . .its a skill that once learned is of great value. Want to get a good laugh . . .go to the closest boat ramp and watch the circus.
Example: A guy pulls down to the west ramp at C.C. He turns around uphill from the gate and backs all the way down to the water. Now here come me . . .I drive all the way down the ramp,almost to the water,then I flip a U-turn,now I'm only a cars length from the water . .I back the boat in,grab my rope and moore the boat,run the trailer back to the parking area and away I go. No mus,no fus.
The best one I've seen was a guy that pulled into the ramp area,only to unhook his trailer . . .then hook the trailer to the front of his truck,then put his poor wife behind the wheel and yell at her to put the boat in the water,while he sits in the boat.TOO FUNNY/VERY SAD!