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Lake: Antero Reservoir

Boating on Antero

Post By: Wacokid57      Posted: 8/19/2019 8:31:19 AM     Points: 11    
Hello everyone. I am headed to Antero Wednesday with my 14ft 9.9 HP boat in tow. My daughter and i will be fishing with both fly and spinning gear. I have float tubed that lake many times, but never fished it from a boat. Is the north ramp better protected from the wind? I know the weeds will be bad. Is there an area of the lake I should head to , to avoid the worst of the weeds? last but not least, should I put a lot of tilt on the motor to try to keep it up out of the weeds? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

The Waco Kid
 Reply by: oneeye      Posted: 8/19/2019 10:20:19 AM     Points: 1212    
South ramp has a jetty to protect the ramp and dock. Get to deep water and come back to the weed edge's. Fish along the edge's.
 Reply by: idlerick      Posted: 8/19/2019 10:27:00 AM     Points: 4    
North ramp is closed Mon thru Weds. Weeds aren't so bad that you have to worry motor tilt. They won't be any different from a boat that they were from a float tube.
Green Lake Bay (NW corner) has fewer weeds, but also is slower action right now. Ditto the dam area.

 Reply by: Wacokid57      Posted: 8/20/2019 9:08:54 AM     Points: 11    
Thanks, guys. This should be fun!