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Lake: Quincy Reservoir

Quincy Closed due to Algae

Post By: Chefaaron9      Posted: 8/17/2019 9:17:07 AM     Points: 367    
Quincy is closed due to the discovery of Blue -Green Algae found in its waters. Testing is being done to determine if it is the toxic strain or not. No word from the ranger on a reopening date.
 Reply by: footmaster      Posted: 8/17/2019 1:22:25 PM     Points: 12    
Thanks for the heads up, Chef! I was going to head that way this evening. Hopefully it comes under control soon.
 Reply by: Banzai Jimmy      Posted: 8/18/2019 9:44:04 PM     Points: 7698    
I live up the road, and had noticed for days it has been closed but had not taken the time to look up why. Now I don't have to. Thanks!
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