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Lake: Antero Reservoir

Shore fishing

Post By: xavierk31      Posted: 8/16/2019 4:06:19 PM     Points: 946    
Just curious how the shore fishing is from Antero right now? I do have hip boots if I need but just curious how many fish are still crushing the shallows as of now.
Lures or flies. Feel free to email me directly
 Reply by: Anteroman      Posted: 8/16/2019 5:21:24 PM     Points: 4489    
I would recommend you go to the South parking area, the campground side, park on the far West end and walk to the shallow sandbar that will let you access the Campground Island, this will give you more fishing area than you can cover in a week. I would recommend big dry flies at this time. Weeds are a problem this time of year fish accordingly. Itís not uncommon to lose more than half the fish you hook to weeds and shallow conditions.
Hope this helps,
 Reply by: xavierk31      Posted: 8/16/2019 6:13:19 PM     Points: 946    
That does help Bill. When you say big dries, like terrestrials or just large stimulators and Wulffs?
And so maybe 2-3x tippet cuz of the weeds?
 Reply by: Anteroman      Posted: 8/16/2019 7:09:15 PM     Points: 4489    
I fish normally 1x and use six pound flouro for my tippet, keep the rod high and try to keep the fish as high as you can. My favorite bugs are the Double Humpy in size six and eight and the Elk Hair Caddis orange body also in six and eight, I normally like a size ten Trude, Royal Coachman or something similar with big white wings as my second. Itís tough from the shore but at times Iíll hang a nymph Cali or nymph Damsel as a dropper twelve inches or so behind the second dry, try to match whatís hatching .
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 Reply by: justahack      Posted: 8/18/2019 5:02:24 PM     Points: 0    
Hopefully you made it out there this weekend. I fished from shore in the area Anteroman describes a couple mornings last week. Might be tough to reach the island in hip boots, but itís not really necessary to fish from the island. The fish were in pretty close during the Cali hatch. I caught several on size 10 and 12 Tom Thumbs (double humpy). I was running a 10í leader to 12# test, then about 3í of tippet, either 10# maxima or 8.5# fluoro. They arenít leader shy so you can go big. Anteroman is right about getting them on the reel quickly and keeping them out of the weeds. Can take a while if they burrow down.
 Reply by: xavierk31      Posted: 8/19/2019 9:55:37 AM     Points: 946    
Didn't make it up there last weekend unfortunately. It'll probably be this weekend, just debating between heading up to Antero and Rosemont... or Upper, lol.
I'm a terrible decision maker sometimes.... but I kinda figured I'd need to get some bigger flies and just wanted to confirm that before I headed out there.