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State Forest State Park

Post By: NativeCuttie      Posted: 8/8/2019 6:11:53 AM     Points: 380    
I'm headed up with my brother, nephew, and 3 year old the weekend of the 17th. I've explored much of Colorado but for some reason have never been into this park and don't know much about it. From the little research I have done there are lots of moose so I'm excited about that. We're going to stay in Lake Agnes Cabin which looks pretty nice. Lake Agnes is a mile hike which I think is doable with the little one although I may be carrying him most of the way. Any other advice as what to fish in the area? Being with the little one may make things difficult with me getting in any fishing but I can chase him around and take pictures while my nephew and brother fish. Looks to be a big area..streams, rivers, beaver ponds? I'm about to start studying a map to get more familiar but any advice on activities with my situation would be appreciated. Thanks!
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: Aug. 8, 7:24:54 AM     Points: 52246    
Stay off the rocks, especially with your little one. Last time I was there, a rock slide almost got a guy. Other waters to fish are easy. Chambers, Long Draw, Joe Wright, The Poudre... or head to Walden and hit Lake John or the Delaneys. Good luck
 Reply by: PerchJerker      Posted: Aug. 8, 11:24:43 AM     Points: 1316    
Ranger Lakes, which are in the State Forest, are good for stockers and easy to fish. Nice path around lakes to wander with a toddler. May not be the kind of fish you are looking for, but a fly and bubble will bring some to shore. Upper has a nice picnic table for lunch and a place for the kiddo to play and reel some in.
 Reply by: fishthumpre      Posted: Aug. 11, 11:31:57 AM     Points: 198    
I'd go along with PerchJerker about Ranger Lakes. Nothing of size, but beautiful, clear lakes with easy access. I'd hesitate on the Walden area lakes this time of year with little ones the insects may not carry them away, but they'll try. Joe Wright is also always fun to try. Can be up and down, but the grayling fishing is unique.
 Reply by: NativeCuttie      Posted: Aug. 12, 12:42:29 PM     Points: 380    
Thanks for the suggestions guys. I'm actually going to the following backcountry cabin: [log in for link]

I am no longer able to stay Sunday evening. Anyone willing to split it with me and check in on Sunday?

Where are all the moose hanging out?
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: Aug. 12, 12:50:50 PM     Points: 52246    
 Reply by: NativeCuttie      Posted: Aug. 12, 1:59:13 PM     Points: 380    
Never been up to Long Draw I'll add it to the list. Haven't explored much at all in that area.

50 bucks for Sunday check in into Monday if there are any takers.
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: Aug. 12, 7:04:05 PM     Points: 52246    
LongDraw, seen moose every trip
 Reply by: NativeCuttie      Posted: Aug. 13, 12:27:13 PM     Points: 380    
Nice I'm hoping to see some moose on this trip. Long Draw looks nice might take a cruise up there Sunday and hit Lake Agnes above the cabin on Saturday. Anyone fished Agnes?
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: Aug. 13, 2:04:48 PM     Points: 52246    
Lake Agnes huh? lol and if you do a little research you'll find Fishful Thinkers episode from there.
 Reply by: NativeCuttie      Posted: Aug. 13, 3:10:12 PM     Points: 380    
Yeah figured we should since I'll be staying at the cabin a mile below. I saw reference to the episode online but couldn't figure out what season and what the episode was called. Looks very nice.
 Reply by: VolcanoSteve      Posted: Aug. 15, 11:03:13 AM     Points: 6    
Here are 7 bull moose in one spot at Cameron Pass from last week. Drove Long Draw road last week also and saw several large bulls at sunrise. It's weird - I haven't seen moose all summer up there, but over the past 2 weeks they have been everywhere. As for fishing, the Poudre is still really roaring with all the summer storms. Normally by now it's low low low, but last week it looked like spring with the high discharge.
 Reply by: Ajax5240      Posted: Aug. 15, 11:23:56 AM     Points: 27258    
Animal sightings shouldn't be hard to come by up there. Moose are everywhere, look for ares with some water and swampy land. Deer are everywhere, especially on dirt roads at sunset.

If you're up for a bit of a drive to do some fishing, so the kids will take a nap int he car on the way... Head down CR103 to Honholtz
 Reply by: rkhancock      Posted: Aug. 15, 12:26:36 PM     Points: 22135    
I was up there the end of last week at ranger lakes. Lots of moose on cameron pass. Some on the tree lines near ranger lakes. Deer around the dirt trails like said above. Fishing good for stockers at ranger lakes.
 Reply by: oldblue156      Posted: Aug. 15, 1:51:00 PM     Points: 1344    
Camped last Monday at crags campground and the first thing I saw coming out of my tent Tuesday morning was a mother and calf moose about 50 feet away. Awesome way to start the morning! Tried to get a photo but my phone had died overnight. Fishing was good at lake Agnes
 Reply by: NativeCuttie      Posted: Aug. 15, 4:01:32 PM     Points: 380    
Sweet awesome news and great updates! How was the hike up to Agnes? They say only .8 but still a little worried about my 3 year old. I got him a mini osprey hydration backpack in hoping to get in a little excited to hike on his own. He's just on that 37 pound too big for the osprey backpack for me to carry phase..he's on his own :) Unless he goes crazy and I have to carry him. We'll get up there one way or another. Fly fishing at Agnes? What flies were they hitting? Looks like some nice cutts in there.
 Reply by: oldblue156      Posted: Aug. 15, 7:48:02 PM     Points: 1344    
hike is somewhat steep but short. .8 miles is accurate. Trail is in good shape but a bit rocky in areas. FIsh were hitting a variety of dry flies...just basic stuff like para adams. Best to get up there early before the wind starts howling. please be mindful of spawning fish near the shore
 Reply by: NativeCuttie      Posted: Aug. 16, 9:28:48 AM     Points: 380    
That's great..think we'll hit Ranger Lakes for some stockers to get the kids into some right away then head up to the lake early Sunday. Good call on the wind..def better to go first thing in the morning. I'll definitely be mindful of the spawning cutts!

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