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Lake: John Martin Reservoir

SMB at John Martin Reservoir

Post By: FastLayne      Posted: 8/4/2019 6:44:20 PM     Points: 4670    
I like to catch and release Largemouth Bass(LMB) and Smallmouth Bass(SMB). I have caught a few LMB at Jmart while fishing for White Bass but never any SMB.

What techniques can catch SMB at JMart and how deep are they holding this time of the year ?
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: 8/5/2019 6:18:21 PM     Points: 63863    
if you really want to get into the smb I would recommend Horsetooth it's easier. Fishing for them at JMart is much more of a challenge.

you have to wade through a bunch of these (pic 1)

to get to these (pic 2)

and then wade through a few from pic 2 to get one of these (pic 3)

I will say the smb I've pulled from JMart have been very healthy
 Reply by: thisisjibberjabber      Posted: 8/5/2019 9:39:38 PM     Points: 0    
John Martin has some decent SMB. Some pushing 4lbs. But, the lake is super warm right now. 80 degrees as of Friday. You will need to target the rocky areas early morning or late day unless you have a boat and a good lake map to target the offshore rocky structures in deeper water. The dam area is adjacent to deeper water and you can find bigger fish there from shore. Try dropshots with heavier weight to allow your bait to get down deeper. Neds and crawdad imitations work well also. Be advised you will lose tackle. But, to find the larger fish you have to be willing to work and lose some.
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