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5 year season structure

Post By: pike&cats      Posted: 7/23/2019 4:30:08 PM     Points: 24    
I know this is not fishing related. Just want to hear everyone's opinions on cpws new big game season structure.
 Reply by: Ajax5240      Posted: 7/23/2019 4:56:39 PM     Points: 28557    
Read the article linked below, cant really see what about it is changing?

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 Reply by: RogBow      Posted: 7/23/2019 6:34:46 PM     Points: 1663    
A lot of people are upset over the archery deer season time frame being moved forward, out of August. Bucks get tougher to find after the velvet comes off. Many people feel there is no real archery only season now as there are gun seasons during the same time frame and it isn't exactly easy to hunt big game with a bow when you have all the added hunting pressure.
 Reply by: Swampy13      Posted: 7/23/2019 9:21:51 PM     Points: 82    
Wow. Second and third seasons shortened by two days. Both are now only one weekend. And the second season starts on a Wednesday. There is probably more but that is all I picked out during a quick look at it.
 Reply by: Fishful Thinker      Posted: 7/24/2019 11:51:38 AM     Points: 10965    
RogBow it was the Colorado Bowhunter's Association that requested and lobbied for the later archery season. CL
 Reply by: Ajax5240      Posted: 7/24/2019 1:31:51 PM     Points: 28557    
It really only is 3-4 days later than the current season.. Archery opens Aug 31st this year. Changed to Sept 2nd next year..

Here is the link with the details of all the changes.

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I like the addition of the bear tag add on.. Guess it just depends if my units qualify... Sitting on 3 bear points now
 Reply by: Whelenman358      Posted: 8/14/2019 12:58:14 PM     Points: 113    
Typical DOW. Reduced opportunity(5-7 day seasons) equals lower harvest which equals more licenses to offer which usually means more government money collected and overcrowding on public lands.

I would like to see a season structure more like other western states. But that would increase harvest and they wouldnt be able to sell as many licenses.

However if you are a land owner or have access to private lands then you have a sweet deal here.
 Reply by: 3wayfisha      Posted: 8/14/2019 3:31:32 PM     Points: 197    
Whele, please elaborate what season structure you would like. Would you like a mule deer season structure like wyoming where you only get 2 weeks a year to go after a buck with a rifle and cant hunt the rut? Please explain.

I couldnt care less about the season changes, 5 days in 1st and 4th season has always been enough for me to get on animals. Scouting is important. Sorry but i dont think this is some great government conspiracy. Might just force some to scout once or twice.

I am also a fan of seasons starting on weekdays..hopefully will decrease opening day mania
 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: 8/14/2019 9:09:27 PM     Points: 51846    
Can't wait to get a couple more points so I can get my elk tag and be done playing the states games. As for deer I have that sweet land owner deal so deer are easy corn fed picken.
 Reply by: Whelenman358      Posted: 8/15/2019 10:30:41 PM     Points: 113    

I would like to see the rifle season for deer and elk run from around Oct 1st until mid November. Just a single season.

People with private land licenses get a five month season... The rest of us get screwed.

muzzleloader season, I would like to see at least two weeks long maybe three.

And archery season run from around September 1st (or the last week of August) all the way through the rifle season. So if you have a bow license you can just keep on hunting if you didn't get something during September.

I don't believe there is any conspiracy but a season structure like that would increase the harvest so the Dow would have to reduce the amount of licenses they sell to maintain the population figures that they want. And with the infestation of liberals in the Colorado government any proposals reducing government revenues won't be considered. Not a conspiracy, just a lust for taking our money.
 Reply by: SGM      Posted: 8/16/2019 7:52:35 AM     Points: 11412    
Whele, archery season runs 31 Aug thru 29 September. It does not extend past that. If you draw a 2nd or 3rd season tag you can hunt with a bow if you want but your archery tag is invalid.

3way, looks like in the final draft CPW went back to opening on weekends.
Best thing I saw was the 9 day break between 1st and 2nd season to give the critters a chance to relax.

N. First Regular Rifle Elk Season (Status Quo)
5-day season, followed by a 9-day break (New). Separate limited elk-only season.Opens on the first Saturday after October 9th. Antlerless elk licenses may be offered in DAUs over the population objective.
O. Second Combined Deer and Elk Regular Rifle Season
New 9-day season, followed by a 5-day break. Deer and elk combined season. Opens on a Saturday and includes two full weekends.
Unlimited licenses available for antlered elk in OTC units. Limited either-sex or limited antlered elk licenses available in remaining limited units. All antlerless elk licenses are limited. Limited licenses issued by GMU/DAU.
All deer licenses limited. Antlered and antlerless deer or antlered deer only, issued by GMU/DAU.
P. Third Combined Deer and Elk Regular Rifle Season
New 7-day season, followed by a 4-day break. Deer and elk combined season. Opens on a Saturday. Unlimited licenses available for antlered elk in OTC units. Limited either-sex or limited antlered elk licenses available in remaining limited units. All antlerless elk licenses are limited. Limited licenses issued by GMU/DAU. All deer licenses limited. Antlered and antlerless deer or antlered deer only, issued by GMU/DAU.
Q. Fourth Combined Deer and Elk Regular Rifle Season
New 5-day season. Deer and elk combined season, but deer hunting is optional.All licenses limited. Limited either-sex or limited antlered, and limited antlerless all licenses issued by GMU/DAU.
 Reply by: Ajax5240      Posted: 8/16/2019 8:44:26 AM     Points: 28557    
Whele, just for the sake of discussion.

If you got your wish, and they made those changes... but now, because of much higher success rates, they sold 40% less tags.. and you only drew a tag about every 3 years. Meaning you would have many years without the ability to hunt...

You would trade that for a longer season?

To me, hunting is time in the woods with people I love. Successful or not, I would not trade anything for that yearly time in the woods. Id rather have my month of archery and week of rifle every year than a longer season.

Sure Id love to be able to time hunting with rut... and not be forced to hunt when its still 70 out @ 9000... but Ill take what I can get.
 Reply by: Pathway      Posted: 8/16/2019 9:00:39 AM     Points: 534    
Not to hijack this thread but once 250 wolves are introduced to western Colorado none of you will have to worry about the season structure because you will be lucky to ever hunt again, at least in Colorado.
 Reply by: 3wayfisha      Posted: 8/16/2019 9:10:50 AM     Points: 197    
I totally agree with the archery tag change you mentioned Whe, following Wyos structure. However I think a 3 week muzzleloader season would be wayy too much. Muzzleloader success rates in lots of units are already rather high.

Ajax, good point about the longer wait if less tags are sold. CO already has this issue so hopefully it wont get worse by opening up seasons. This issue is a reason I was a fan of the $50 pp fee for moose, big horn etc..hopefully I wont have to wait 15+ years for my archery moose tag..

Hopefully we never let the idiots go thru with bringing wolves into colorado...Its so funny how little many know about how important our 250k+ elk are to this state. We already have had multiple confirmed sightings of wolves coming from Wyo this year

IMO cheers to CPW, this state, and a successful hunting season to all!

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