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Fish ID

Post By: strangebow      Posted: 7/19/2019 8:47:07 PM     Points: 3529    
Pretty sure this is a northern pike, but the markings on it were very peculiar, more vertical /diagonal than horizontal. I would love some feedback to see what you all think. Sorry the photos aren't the best, pulled it from phone video. If anyone wants the video send me an email to send it to.
 Reply by: Kev-o      Posted: 7/19/2019 8:50:16 PM     Points: 56142    
That is a northern pike sir. Cool pics.
 Reply by: Santiago84      Posted: 7/19/2019 8:55:05 PM     Points: 3747    
Looks like a tiger muskie. The body of water would help.
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: 7/19/2019 8:58:10 PM     Points: 54812    
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: 7/19/2019 11:01:45 PM     Points: 34    
Thats the Mile fir shizzy. Not a Pike expert but it looks different than the Pile ive seen.
 Reply by: Santiago84      Posted: 7/20/2019 5:29:07 AM     Points: 3747    
Upon further reflection, its probably a pike. Cool fish.
 Reply by: strangebow      Posted: 7/20/2019 8:31:07 AM     Points: 3529    
Thanks for the verification. Fish came out of Spinney not the mile. I've caught lots of pike here. This is the first one I've seen with the strange pattern.
 Reply by: Pathway      Posted: 7/20/2019 9:53:00 AM     Points: 531    
Tigers have dark stripes on a light background. This fish is a norther pike,
 Reply by: CACHEM ALL      Posted: 7/20/2019 4:59:20 PM     Points: 204    
 Reply by: SPECTRE      Posted: 7/20/2019 6:43:24 PM     Points: 5252    
I catch little pike like this with similar markings at Taylor Park fairly often. Don't know if these markings are limited to juveniles though. I've never caught anything over about 18 inches with the broken stripes like that...
 Reply by: thefishinpole      Posted: 8/2/2019 4:57:15 PM     Points: 0    
Looks like a Tiger Trout for sure!!
 Reply by: D-Zilla      Posted: 8/2/2019 10:10:10 PM     Points: 2289    
Grass carp, without a doubt.
 Reply by: elkinthebag      Posted: 8/5/2019 10:45:41 PM     Points: 2088    
Hey I caught him when he was about 20 smaller very cool patterns
 Reply by: critterstuffer      Posted: 8/6/2019 6:09:20 PM     Points: 4    
Definitely a northern, fantastic markings! Here's two of the three tigers and granddaughters over the last 5 weeks. Yes of course I'm bragging! Pretty sure I won't get another chance!
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: 8/6/2019 7:12:55 PM     Points: 54812    
thats awesome. congratulations

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